Monday, August 27, 2007

Pasta Heaven

Another killer recipe from La Dolce vegan. Artichoke pasta. I added more mushrooms, just because I love them and a can of Muir Glen diced tomatoes instead of one fresh tomato to give it more heft. It was definitely filling and hit the spot.

Attack of the Mutant Tomato!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a huge ass tomato!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Start of School

The past two weeks have been really trying my patience with humanity. I've seen some really inconsiderate, rude behavior and it is getting me. Why is it so hard to do the right thing. To use your head. To not be an asshole.

1. A person I work with bitched and threw such a hissy fit that she got her way.
2. Someone let their dog pee on my water bottle.
3. A student is being ostracised.
4. A car was driving down a trail for pedestrian's only - the trail was busy with cyclists, runners and walkers making this a really stupid life endangering move.


A couple anniversary's

August is the one year anniversary of two things. One good. One bad. In August of 2006 I started my journey as a vegetarian and the month my best friend died.

A year ago I was sick. My body was betraying me. A decision had to be made. Going green was the best gift I gave myself. So when I went back to my post about my first meatless day it made me giggle. I do remember that it was so hard. Trying to come up with a menu was a struggle. A year later, I am excited to make my weekly menu and have learned an incredible amount in the process. I have experimented with ingredients and tasted new things. Cooking was always something I felt I sucked at, but a year later I now have cooking confidence! I make things to share with friends and co-workers. It also has introduced me to some wonderful people and I've made some great friends along the way.

The other anniversary is a painful one that I don't want to write much about. Alyssa was my best friend and greyhound soul mate. I miss her. Everyday.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Little bundles of goodness

This is hands down my favorite cornbread...ever!!! Kudos to the Candle Cafe cookbook for sharing this recipe with the public. The flavor is out of this world with the roasted Quinoa. I made these little muffins to have with vegan butter and pure maple syrup for breakfast tomorrow. Damn I can hardly wait. These little bundles come from La Dolce Vegan. They are coconut, chocolate chip buttons. You can't eat just one, or two...errrr...three. Damn. I had six in one sitting with an ice cold glass of soy milk.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The past couple weeks have been a little hectic hence why no blogging.

Miss Sally Mae (above) wasn't doing to well last week. We aren't sure how it happened, but she hurt her neck and to complicate things she had a weird seizure. The best way to describe it is Sally was doing her best Katherine Hepburn impression with the bobbling head. Totally aware of what was going on around her, not freaked out in the least. Just sat the with her head a bobbling back and forth. SO weird. The vet isn't sure if the seizure was due to pain or some underlying problem. Right now, we are thinking it was from the pain. Anyhoo, a week of pain meds and rest she is back to being the spry old lady we all love and adore.
Then, I accidentally overbooked the Lichtinger Hotel for greyhounds over the weekend. Ooops. We had 8 for Saturday night. Everyone got along wonderfully. Now we are down to 6 till Sunday. When I start thinking how I would like to start my own doggie day care I get slapped back to reality. It is a helluva lot a work to take care of 8 dogs - walks, playtime, feeding, cuddling, moving beds, cleaning beds, turn-outs, oh my!But I have made some food along the way. Here is the my favorite slow cooker recipe of Tortilla Soup from 125 best Vegetarian Slow Cooker recipes. I LOVE this soup because you get the crunchiness from the tortilla strips, the velvety texture from the avocado and coolness from the sour cream. It is enough to bring tears to your eyes.
The other day I was reading Bazu's blog which had a link to Emilie's blog which consisted of a post about figs. The pictures were amazing and the next thing I know I am buying figs at the store. Talk about the power of pictures and blogs! I've never ever had a fresh fig in my life. I even had to ask Bazu how to eat them? Peeled, not peeled? I was also extremely nervous to try them because I am not a fan of fig newton's. To my shock and delight fresh figs taste NOTHING like a fig newton. They have a wonderful texture and gentle sweet nutty flavor. I was in love. Therefore I tried Emilies snack of a fig stuffed with vegan cream cheese with a little cracked pepper and drizzle of olive oil. Oh yea baby! These little suckers were amazing. So much going on in one little bite. If you like figs, try this!