Monday, July 30, 2007

Tag your IT!

Bazu tagged me for "Five Things" memes. Now it is my turn! I am going to turn around and tag five blogs that I enjoy reading and would love to read their answers! All My Tomorrow's, Jen, Sue, Iowa Greyhound and I Hate Toast. Hee, hee!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

This one is easy. 10 years ago I was living in Vandalia Ohio, recently married and working as a retail manager.

Five snacks you enjoy:

1. Carmel Rice Cakes with a coating of peanut butter
2. Take a banana, slather peanut butter on the tip and dunk it in either chocolate chips or M&M’s – repeat until banana is gone or you feel the need to throw-up
3. Breaking up pieces of a Hershey bar and dipping it in a jar of peanut butter
4. Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese on a Roasted Garlic Triscuit
5. Salsa and chips (favorite salsa is the Peach Salsa by Paul Newman’s Own)

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:

Oh God. I am embarrassed to say most of them are from the 80’s. Any Madonna (Like a Virgin), Prince (1999), Rick Springfield (My Best Friends Girlfriend), Billy Squire (Stroke Me), so on and so on. To quote VH1 – I Love the 80’s!

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1. Build an animal sanctuary and adoption kennel for greyhounds.

I have dreamed of exactly how the kennel would look and what would be in it. There would be huge rooms with lots of beds and old couches for social hours, each kennel would be like its own mini-hotel room. It would look more like one of those posh pooch bed and breakfasts than a kennel.

The animal sanctuary for any animal no matter how big or small that needs a safe place to land.

2. Huge co-op organic farm that would donate crops to the poor and homeless.

3. Set up a foundation to support animal charities, environment and stem cell research.

4. Take my friends on the best all expenses paid vacation EVER and pay off their mortgage.

5. Pay off my family and in-law’s houses so they can live without a mortgage

Five bad habits:

1. Mailing birthday cards. I buy them, sign them, and even stamp them, but when it comes to putting them in the mailbox I fall short.

2. Burping. Loudly.

3. Impatience

4. Not reading instructions thoroughly – see impatience

5. Wastefulness, such as throwing out leftover’s.

Five things you like doing:

1. Napping
2. Eating
3. Quilting
4. Reading
5. Napping

Five things you would never wear again:

1. Jeans with leg warmers worn over the jeans
2. Acid wash jeans with black lace heart cut-outs
3. Velour
4. Banana clips
5. Catholic School uniform (no matter how much my husband begs)

Five favorite toys:

I was a huge Tom boy growing up and don’t remember having many toys, but do remember my favorite games. Wiffle ball and football with my brother’s and their friends and playing Freeze Tag! Ha! That brings back memories. However, there is one toy I remember fondly and that was the Weeble Wobble Haunted House and Tree House. I used to play with that for hours!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Running + Heat = Rash

The past couple days have been mighty humid in these parts. Today was no exception. I started out around 8:45 a.m. which was a late start. Should have started much earlier, but I couldn't get my lazy butt out of bed. Hence why I didn't run with Trac and Cosmo.

The first 3 miles felt pretty good. The last 2.5 did not.

There is a part of the route that I call Hell alley. It is a long stretch of asphalt that has no shade, is busy with traffic so you get all the heat from exhaust. You feel the heat radiating up from the ground and pounding down from the sun. It sucked to say the least. When you reach the stop light it is less than a mile from home. Today I tried lying to myself to get to the end. It went something like this: Bridget, the light is around this curve. Oh, no that's right it is around this curve. No seriously, this is the curve. My body will never forgive me.

I finished 5.5 miles in one hour. It was hard and I was sweating so much that I ended up with a nasty rash in a not so nice place - not that place! Under the band of my sports bra. Sheesh!

Next Saturday I am shooting for 6.2. Crap.
A few pictures from the Ironman. Most are of the swim because I couldn't get over the beauty of everything around me. The morning of the race was a cold one with temps in the 40's. You can see the fog coming off the water.

We walked up to the lake to see an army of kayak's. Floating and waiting. You could feel the anticipation, anxiety and excitement. Here is the start of the race. It gave me goose bumps watching. I can't even imagine how cold the water was!

The mist is from the swimmers hauling ass. And if you stared at them without blinking their arms turned into black fish leaping in and out of the water.
The black fish swim upstream.
To stick with the water theme - a sea of bikes.

It was an amazing race to watch and I have nothing but the highest respect to anyone who enters an Ironman. I bow down.

Wilson feels the same way.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We've Made It!

All of us are back and in one piece. No bear attacks. However we did have some very scary squirrels and suicidal chipmunks.

Friday started out with rain, but we didn't let that damper our excitement for the trip. Trac picked me up and I am thinking to myself there is no way in hell we are going to be able to cram all my shit in her car and have room for Cosmo. With some cleaver maneuvering we get it all in including Cosmo (see his face in there somewhere).
It rained the entire drive to Lake Placid. At one point we stopped to let the dogs stretch their legs and pee (myself included, figured I get used to peeing in the woods early) and had lunch. It was freezing so all of us huddled together under Trac's tailgate to munch on some chips, potato salad and a chickpea sandwich.

We hit camp and the rain stops and we were able to set-up the site and get the dogs settled. Perfect timing! An omen for the weekend I do believe. After we get everything up we started dinner. On Thursday night I made vegetarian chili and corn bread and we re-heated over the fire. It was delicious and hit the spot on a chilly evening.
Our camp was across the road to the bathrooms. Yay!!! My middle of the night trek to the potty wouldn't be far. HOWEVER, the bathroom was....was....rustic to say the least. No freakin' soap or paper towels! And the showers. Shiver. These were showers found in every cheesy camp horror flick.
Can't you just hear the music from the movie Psycho!! And what the hell is a feather doing in the shower!!!

Friday night I didn't sleep worth a shit. And woke at the crack of dawn because nature is fucking noisy! Sheesh! Birds singing and crap. Anyway, our goal for Saturday was to get up and go for a run in Lake Placid around Mirror Lake which would be 5.5 miles.

The weather was beautiful and perfect for a run. Sunny, cool and not to mention that Lake Placid is gorgeous! Our run went great. It was hard, damn hard, but we finished in one hour and one minute. Not bad. Not bad at all.
And to end this post I will leave you with a picture of a perfect camp breakfast after a long hard run. Vegan french toast and soy sausage cooked over an open fire.

Next post will be about the Ironman. The people who competed are amazing and awe inspiring.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Jason, Freddie, Michael and Ben

All characters that I have envisoned seeing this weekend. See what watching too many horror movies and "When Animals Attack" get you!

Trac, Jen, Wendy and I are heading up to Lake Placid to watch the IronMan. This my friends will be my first camping experience ever and I am going to get the full experience of sleeping in a tent, cooking and eating by a campfire, peeing in the woods, etc. Lord have mercy on me. Oh, and come to find out that two of the girls have been visited by a monthly 'friend' Isn't this what they call Bear bait? I mean isn't that basically sending up flares to the wildlife community? Well, we shall see if a slew of crazed disney characters show up at our camp.

But I am not too worried because there will also be 5 dogs with us. Yep. 5 greyhounds and three humans. So stayed tuned because you know there are going to be stories from this weekend. Hopefully none that has the word poision ivy and ass involved.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cement shoes

Who put cement in my shoes?! During my run today it sure as hell felt like someone filled my shoes with cement. Well, it was more like my feet were bricks which were wearing cement shoes. Yup. That's it.

Monday I ran the same route (3.5 miles) at a decent pace. Today I started out and around the first mile marker it hits. The heavy, fatigued leg feeling. I worked through it and it hit again at 1.5 mile marker. Slowed down and thought I worked through it and then it hit again 22 minutes
into my run. I know exactly because it hit me hard and I looked at my watch. It took a lot of effort to keep running and I knew I couldn't finish the route and just told myself to get to 30 minutes or the corner, which ever one came first. Didn't make it to the corner, but hit 30 minutes and had to walk. It SUCKED because I couldn't finish the last .5 mile. WHY?!?

The only thing I can figure is that I didn't have coffee in the morning like I usually do and didn't eat something to give me an energy boost before my run. Whatever. It just was one of those runs that just piss you off. Just a cherry on top of the crappy week I am having and it is only freaking Tuesday!!!! But you know, this is just how the running gig goes. You have bad days and good days. Hopefully Thursday will be a good one.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Syracuse Vegan Society Brunch!

Another successful Syracuse Vegan Society event happened this past Sunday at Funk'n Waffles! For more details with great pictures visit Bazu 's blog! Thanks Bazu!

This time around Trac and I didn't have to serve food! It was great to be able to beebob around and see everyone oooh'ing and ahhh'ing over the food. I have to give the guys credit at Funk'n Waffles because they did an awesome job. This was their first experience making tofu scramble and french toast. All of it was delicious and it might become a regular thing. And if it is, I am SO there.

Last night I was pooped and wasn't in the mood to cook so I wanted something easy. Looking through my new Candle Cafe cookbook I came across Tempeh Reuben. It is now my favorite sandwich in the entire universe! After one bite the heaven's opened up and angels started to sing.
It is so freakin' easy and simple too!! You marinate the tempeh for 30 minutes, grill and top with caramelized onions, sauerkraut and Russian dressing on toasted rye bread. Sweet Jesus it is good.

The pictures do NO justice to the of it.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Busy Weekend

Saturday I met Trac, Sue, Shannon and Chris bright and early for our weekly Saturday run. Trac, Sue and I ran 5 miles. Ugh. The first 3 we stayed at 11 minute mile pace, but for a .25 of it Trac wanted to run my pace. So for .25 we did about a 10:15 mile. Between mile 3 and 4 we slowed down to a 12 minute mile and then kicked it back up for the last mile. It was hard, but we are getting there. The goal is to get to 7 miles before September's 10K.
After the run Trac and I trucked it out of there to get ready for 'the ceremony.' Bill and I were renewing our vows at 11 a.m. Trac was a nervous wreck, Jen was a nervous wreck and Bill was a nervous wreck!. Why everyone was nervous I have no idea! I told Bill not worry because I was a sure thing.

We arrive at the church and the first thing we see is Danny Boy, Father John's Irish Setter. He was sitting outside on the lawn watching the world go by and waiting for Father John. We love Father John and Danny Boy. Father sets you right at ease and is funny as hell! He certainly doesn't have a filter and has a great sense of humor.

Trac, Andrew and Jen arrive and we all gather in the chapel. The best part we all sat. Even Father. It was great!!! No standing, just sitting, Bill and I holding hands with Father sitting in front of us. Perfect. Father John did a few readings and just had us cracking up because in between he would go off in these tangents. One was about how he was so embrassed when he took Danny over to a friends house and they had a female lab that Danny was very taken with, if you know what I mean. It was hysterical. Just to give you an idea of how much Father loves to talk we were there for an hour. But it only felt like a few minutes. With all the stories and smiles it was a perfect way to celebrate by having such loving wonderful friends around. Bill and I felt truly blessed.

You will see that Father John is holding a cupcake. Trac made the most unbelieveable display of cupcakes for our 'wedding' She put them our her grandmother's cake stand that was used during her wedding in 1926. All of us lived in fear that someone would drop it! What you are looking at ladies and gentleman is sheer artistry! On this tray we have, Tiramisu, S'Mores and Cappucinno w/espresso creme. Heaven my friends right there on a cake stand.

Friday, July 13, 2007

How it All Started - Post 2 out of 3

Many moons ago my career was working as a retail manager at Shopping Bug. Ha! Just writing that makes me laugh. Well, one of my employees was Bill's sister, Lori. Many a time her mom would come to the store and all three of us would chit chat. Our conversations always came around to Bill. Lou (Bill's mom) would always say "you need to meet my son. he is a saint" Ummmmm okay. This of course set off serious alarm bells! I am thinking this guy has got to be a big ass loser. So every time I would say 'I am sure he is but I am not looking for a relationship right now." Which I really wasn't because I was just getting out of a really shitty 5 year relationship that left me pretty battered. Anyway, Lou would come in and we always ended our conversation the same way and then. She wore me down. I gave her my phone number.

The minute she got home she called Bill and told him to get his ass down to Fashion Bug to ask me out. Then she went on to tell him that I just got out of a relationship, etc. Bill at this moment is thinking I am some depressed Elvira type of chick. But knowing that his mom wouldn't let up he said he come see me. After he agreed, Lou called Lori at the store to tell her he was on his way. At this point I am thinking that this is the last thing I want and try to convince Lori to call her mom back and call the whole thing off. Obviously that didn't work.

Bill comes in and to my surprise he is cute and funny! I felt like I had just dodge a bullet. :-) He asks me out. I agree.

Our first date was supposed to be at a place called Frickers. A restaurant that serve wings, beer and fantastic sandwiches. We've both been there before, but not together. We get to Frickers, walk-in and low and behold it was 'bikini night' for the waitress! Size zero, double D waitress walking around with little on by imagination. Bill was mortified. He stumbled and stammered and apologized. It was so cute. Being the gentleman he is he whisked me out and took me to another restaurant. That is when I knew this could be the start of something. Little did I know that exactly one year and one month later....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

10th Anniversary - Post 1 out of 3

We came together 10 years ago to become one. Our roots deep and strong.
We grew. We changed.
Branching in all different directions. Always supporting.
No matter the twist, turns or opposite directions we always come back to each other.
Back to our base. Back to our roots. Deep and strong.
What makes marriage to you wonderful is not only the ability to be one as a couple, but the ability to be individuals.
I love you.

Rough night?

Doesn't it look like he is hungover?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Laugh for the Day

Thank you All My Tomorrow's for my laugh for the day!

Today it is 93 degrees with 75% humidity. It sucks. Bad. Tonight is softball night and the bastards won't cancel unless it is a torrential downpour or lightening. They could care less that it is hot enough for a person to spontaneously combust. Thankfully our team (Scru-Balls) suck so bad, we may lose by the first inning. It has happened before. Mercy rule invoked after the first inning. Ouch. However, we aren't in it to win (obviously), but for the beer afterwards. Ooooohhhh....cold beer....drool.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Edited Title: To Run or Not to Run?

Trac, Sue and I have been training to run the Bud Run 10k race in September. All three of us are getting are milage up there and being pretty disciplined to get out for a long slow run on Saturday's. This past Saturday Trac did 4.5 (woo hoo) and Sue did 4.25 (another woo hoo). Sue did this without running during the week!! Which is awesome, but Trac and I both were on her to get those mid-week runs in so she doesn't injure herself. We want her at the start line with us! With all this training I was tempted to try the Boilermaker next year.

The Boilermaker was this past Sunday and the news wasn't good. Someone died. Although there was a pre-existing medical condition, this isn't the first death at this race! I don't know if I want to run a race where 4 people have died even if it was over 30 years. Plus, I heard mixed race reports. Some people love running with 15,000 people and others, not so much. I think might be in the not so much crowd.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Last Saturday I had a hankering (backwoods Ohio term) for a new cookbook. After church we stopped by Barnes and Noble and I picked up The Candle Cafe Cookbook and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

I bought the cupcake book so I didn't have to bother Trac, who is my usual supplier of cupcakes and to get a quick fix when I needed one. However, I am leaving the making of the fancy smancy ones to Trac because she is just so goddamn good at it!

The Candle Cafe Cookbook has lots of exciting things for me to try! Such as, Quinoa and Blue Corn Bread. Oh. My. God. It is so freaking good. I didn't have any blue corn meal so I used yellow, but it didn't make a difference. The texture was wonderful with just a hint of sweetness. The cookbook was totally worth it just for this recipe alone! Sorry no pics this time around, but I plan on making it again real soon and will definitely snap some photos.

I hate the 4th of July. I don't give a crap if that makes me unpatriotic or whatever. It is a hell holiday for people who own dogs that are thunderphoic and firecrackerphobic. My 90 lbs male has been a quivering mess for the past week. And here is the thing. It is now July 6th people! You can stop with the fucking firecrackers!!!! There. I feel better.

Other dog news: John went Saturday to get his eyeball checked. He was doing this weird winking thing with his right eye since the Greyhound Walk. Come to find out when he was rubbing his face in the weeds he came across some thorns. OUCH. He is on antibotic eye cream and goes in for a re-check tomorrow. Oh, and this was a new vet too. A lot closer to our house. The visit went well, but I am still skeptical because I just am. But more so, I hate starting over with someone new. I know my dogs. I know what they can and cannot tolerate and vets have a tendency not to listen. However, this vet seems very open. We shall see. !

Other July news. July 12th is our 10th wedding anniversary. Holy crap. 10 years. We had a whirlwind courtship and was married exactly one year and one month from our first date. When we met we knew we were soulmates. We just clicked and never even thought of being with anyone else except each other. All of this is due to Bill's mom. Yes. His mother fixed us up.

To celebrate we are renewing our wedding vows with a priest we adore. The first one was not a nice man! We never would have gone with that church if it wasn't pressure from the family. So next Saturday we will face each other again and with God's graces be together for another wonderful 10 years. Gag. That is enough of the sappy crap. :-)