Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cute animal pictures alert!

Saturday I was cleaning the house (hence the mop handle in the picture) and turned around to see this face watching me. Don't you just want to just kiss her on that little black nose! Then I found these two cuddle together on a dog bed. Echo and Willie love to sleep on the dog beds and snuggle with each other - that is when they aren't fighting over the spot in the bay window.

Random things

To celebrate Earth Day and to make my small contribution to the environment, I have decided to purchase reusable grocery bags from Wegman's. You couldn't beat the price at $0.99 per bag AND these bags are awesome! They hold up to 50 lbs of groceries and are extremely sturdy. It is so nice not having to use 30 little plastic bags that clog our landfills, take forever to load in the car, rip and tear, and just suck. Now I only use two or three of these for all my groceries and it take me seconds to load my car.

While shopping I came across these chips at Wegman's called "Food Should Taste Good." Yes, yes it should. The two varieties that caught my eye were Olive and Chocolate. WTH? Chocolate? Really? In a tortilla chip?
This is the Olive for my husband who loves green olives. A very savory cracker! The olive is not overpowering at all. Bill loved them and so far has polished off half the bag.

Now for the Chocolate. It is definitely a tortilla chip that you couldn't dip anything with, but it lovely just by itself. The cocoa flavor doesn't come out till near the end of eating the cracker. Sort of a nice chocolate after taste. It was different, but in a good way.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The rain can really bum people out, but I have to say I love it in the spring. Today it has been raining off and on, but a gentle meditative type of rain. I look outside and everything is so green and the trees are just starting to bud and some have even popped. I love that. When you look outside and noticed that almost overnight the trees came alive. Ahhhh spring.

Today I made a HUGE batch of food for the pups. We've decided to do home cooked food for the dogs instead of raw. John has been on cooked food for the past three weeks and is doing fantastic! No problems with his colitis and we hope that continues. Maggie couldn't be happier that her dreams have come true. She would take f o r e v e r eating. Always the last one to finish and would sort of sniff and move the food around before eating it. Now she dives in and finishes first! It feels good to make something that I know the dogs love and is good for them.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hooray! We managed to get the dog yard finished today. Of course we will be cripped tomorrow, but it will be worth it! This fencing looks SO much better than the orange eye sore we had up before. I also re-mulched the entire yard. It took about 18 bags! After much experimenting, I found mulch works better than straw or sand for the mud and smell. :-)

Next weekend we are going to tackle fencing off the wooded area. All 90 ft! It is going to SUCK!

Today I made the best damn sandwich EVER! The recipe came out of Sarah Kramer's "How It All Vegan" and I changed it just a teeny tiny bit.

The only bread that was in the store this morning when I went shopping was Italian. I slathered both sides with a mix of Earth Balance butter and parm. cheese and toasted both sides. The filling was an avocado paste with a little sprinkle of red pepper flakes, layered with tomato, onion and spicy sprouts. I put a mix of veganise and Dijon mustard as the spread. OMG it was so freakin' good. Thanks Sarah for the great recipe.

As a side I had a crunchy coleslaw that was very refreshing. It was a great combo and a great dinner on a warm day.

Friday, April 20, 2007

There has been this funny object in the sky the past couple days? It is bright and orange? Oh wait! It is the SUN! Holy crap, I think we are actually in spring. Today it was in the high 60's and it was glorious. Since it was so nice I thought I would let all the dogs venture in the big yard. What in the hell was I smoking?

Our backyard is huge and a greyhound owners worst nightmare. The back part of the yard is wooded with lots of sticks and branches that love to lodge themselves in greyhound paws and other body parts. It doesn't help that a battalion of squirrels are back there as well. The middle part of the yard is a mud pit. All the rain water runs down from the front part to the middle and creates areas of mud that is like quicksand. I do believe one year I lost a shoe. Anyway, the upper part of the yard is the dog yard. We used bright ass orange snow fence to make a small dog area for the pups to potty and what-not. This area is a godsend during the spring muddy season. But I have been wanting to fence off the woods so the pups can enjoy the middle of the yard (when dry) and help me not clench my butt cheeks every time they run out in the big yard. If I think back, I can say we've had 2 incidents of dogs sliding into trees (it was winter, slipped and slid right into a tree on their side), and at least 8 incidents of sticks puncturing paws (3 needed vet visits), not to mention the cuts and scrapes. So no more!! This weekend we are putting the fence up so they can't get back there anymore. Oooops...went off the subject.

This morning I thought I am going to let them out to wander around and enjoy the sun. It didn't look that muddy. I repeat. What the hell was I smoking? Here is the good news. The dogs had a blast. Here is the bad news. The dogs had a blast. They were running around having a ball! I could hear them yelling...weeeeee!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! (in the high pitch kids voice). They were jumping over sticks and branches with me having visions of dogs being impaled!! I nearly had my own gastric emergency! When the dogs were finished all of them...ALL of them were covered in mud. It took me 20 minutes and two buckets of water to clean 32 paws and 8 bellies (I was very late to work). It was worth it because they had so much fun and no one (thank you God) was hurt!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I can almost wee myself.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First I want to welcome my brother to bloggerland! He is a wonderful writer (of course I am bias) and he is a wonderful cook! Though not vegan and/or vegetarian he makes wonderful marinades so I hope he shares some of his dishes!

My house is a mess. You can't move without triping over a greyhound. I love 'em, but holy shit they are a lot of work! Seriously I don't know how people do it that actually OWN over 8 dogs!
JR is up my butt!!! He is old and likes to stand in front of you and pant. His back legs aren't the best so standing is easier for him than laying down. Lexie is great. She has a hard time getting over the steps to come inside so it take 5 minutes of coaxing to get her to come in. Meanwhile everyone else is going in and out, in and out, in and out, while I am holding the door open talking her through it.

Marcie our little foster is really coming out of her shell. She has finally realized she can go up the three small stairs to the living room and kitchen. She has been having fun with that. She goes to another foster home tomorrow and we are really going to miss her :(

John is going through another bout of colitis!!! I woke up this morning to a huge mess on the living room carpet. Not good. John was miserable and you could tell he was ashamed. We are waiting for a call from the vet to see what the hell is going on! This is the third time! At first we thought it was stress induced, but he went to the vet, no problems, went through ADD greyhound, no problems. It just comes on every other week. I hope we can get him some relief.

For your viewing pleasure - my house which has been taken over by dog beds and bowls. It was hard getting them all in one shot! We have in the back with the scary glowing eye - Lexie, Marcie and John (laying down), the back end of Cosmo (who is staring to nest), Maggie looking highly annoyed in the far left (laying down) Rimmy thinking about smelling JR's butt, JR getting a drink from all the panting and Sally (right side laying down) wishing they all get the hell out.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is the week of the dog at the Lichtinger household. Friday I received a call about two greyhounds being returned due to a sad situation. The owner was elderly and her health took a bad turn. She ended up being put in a nursing home and her greys had to be returned. Trac went with me to pick up Derek and Marcie. It was terrible and both of us were almost in tears. When you walked in the house you could tell this woman lived for her animals. There were framed portraits of all her animals on the wall and talking to her brother-in-law it was just devasting to her losing her two babies. It was heartbreaking.

Trac actually fostered Derek, and hence why she thought it was great he was staying with us. She has great pictures of Derek on her blog. Derek is a sweet old boy, but very, well, like Trac said ADD. Marcie on the other hand is very skittish and shy, but warms up to you quickly. Actually she is much better without Derek around! Calmer and not as...."oh my god what is happening" state of mind. What cracks me up about her and she has no pants! Look at how bare her butt is!

Derek went to another foster home, but Marcie is staying with us till Thursday. She is an absolute sweetie and is totally cat safe. She broke her back hock at the track and they never repaired it so she does have a limp, but other than that she is in great shape. Anyone looking to adopt should check out Greyhound Outreach.

We are also dog sitting two 14 year old greyhounds, JR and Alexis. Their owners made reservations at Casa Lichtinger over 6 months ago. They are easy and settle in nicely. Lexy doesn't have a lot of teeth so her tongue often hangs out the side of her mouth and JR has the backend old man wobble and needs help getting up sometimes. So this makes 7 greyhounds in the house and two cats. On Tuesday, we get one of Trac's hounds, Cozmo. That will be 8 hounds and two cats. Hopefully my neighbors who are selling their house won't be having an open house this week. HA! Can't you picture it! You are looking out to check out the back yard, glance over and see 8 greyhounds come rushing out of the house next door! Hmmmmm....I should warn them. Anyhoo, Coz is great and he loves coming over. It will be one big greyhound party! I most definitely will take pictures this week.

I thought I post a photo collage of a daily occurance that happens around here. Maggie kicking me off the couch. She MUST have the end of the couch. Not the middle. It also must be the spot I am sitting in. She always starts with the stare down. Seriously, she will stand and just stare straight at you without blinking and do a small tail wag. There is no ignorning her or telling her to go away. She will always come back and just stare...stare...stare. You can practically hear her saying..."Are you going to move? You are going to move? That is my spot? Are you going to move?"

So it begins...

You are in my spot.

Okay, now I am serious. Get off.

You can't ignore me!

Finally I can't take it anymore and move. She wins again. It is that I can't resist that face! Sigh.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ah the glorious weekend! Finally the week is behind me and I can move forward and not think about the 'hell' event. There were a few moments where I lost my cool and damn near strangled a few people.

One is when a student found the recruiter's breakfast table. When there is food and students are around you have to be careful and make sure it is hidden or guarded. Students are like locusts. If they see a crop of food they swarm and everything will disapper before your eyes. With this in mind, we put the recruiter's continental breakfast in the interview room hidden away from the eyes of students.

On Tuesday, I am standing at the student check-in table when I see out of the corner of my eye a student walking with a plate full of doughnuts and orange juice. He has a suit on so I know he is here for an interview. He walks up to a group of students waiting for their interviews and they ask (naturally) "where did you get that" and he said "in there, it is for everyone." EXCUSE ME?! W T F ?! I go over and said, 'excuse me, but that is for the employers' and he said 'oh I didn't know' and I said 'that is because you didn't ask!' I am sorry, but what the hell. You walk in a room that is obviously where people are interviewing, you look around the corner, see food, help yourself, walk out, down a hallway, sit down and you think it is for EVERYONE!

Then on Wednesday, I so wanted to kick this guys ass! He was a punk. A jerk. Cocky, full of himself and it was obvious he thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Students have to check-in so employers know they have arrived and are in the lounge waiting to be called back for their interview. This nimrod came in the lounge and have the nerve to say "I don't know if I am going to check-in" and I looked at him and said 'I would be more than happy to give your interview to another student so I need you to tell me if you are checking in" and he said " Oh I don't know" and I said 'you need to check-in' He said ' I guess I will' and didn't get up out of his seat. He was expecting me to do it for him. This is the moment when my eyes changed from brown to red, my hair into snakes and my voice sounded like Darth Vader. He got up.

The event ran fairly smooth and the employers, students and my boss were happy. But hooray it is over with for another year!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

We woke up to freshly fallen snow, but before I could get in a funk about it I saw the most beautiful sight. Sitting on the white blanket was a male cardinal. A gorgeous red bird sitting proudly against a backdrop of brilliant white - his color just exploded. It was so beautiful it suddenly hit me that this sight is a great Easter present. I wish I had a picture to share.

'Big Red' (yes, we named him) reminded me of the importance of Easter. It is a day of new life, beauty and a clean slate. Spring is coming, even though it feels like winter will never end, the birds remind me that it will be here soon.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my best friend and husband.

I am blessed to have met and married such a wonderful man.
Bill and Doris (Raindbow bridge March 2004)

To celebrate spring I decided to redo my blog design and chose a soft blue color scheme. Maybe it will be calming and soothing to those who read my blog. All three of you.

Be warned this is my rant for today.

I decided today that people suck. Not everyone, but nearly everyone. What the hell happened to society that people don't give a crap anymore and stopped paying attention? Stopped giving a shit about doing a good job? One of my talents (or curse) is that I am good at doing event planning. The reason I am good at it is because I am bossy (very), obsessive, anal, way overly organized and fret over every detail. I also feel if it isn't going to get done right I'll just do it myself. Which can be a bad thing when you are trying to juggle 50 million things. So there are times when I have to rely on other people to do their job. The job might be to print a poster or to put an ad in the newspaper or to read an email to know what the fuck is going on. Now I ask you. Is this to much to ask? Clearly it is.

Today, I had the printer screw up the posters not just once...twice! This is after I brought them a hard copy of what it was supposed to look like (I couldn't use this one because it was all ripped to hell) and yet, they made the EXACT same mistake. The paper was poster size, but the font was teeny tiny. WTF?! How did that happen...TWICE. Then there was the ad. We called to confirm they had the right ad to run because we had to make changes and sent a revised version. What did I see....wrong ad. And they clearly messed with it because all the companies were out of alphabetical order!

Now, things do go wrong, but this is what fries my ass. Don't people look at shit and go...hmmmmmmmmmmm....that doesn't look right? Maybe I should give the client a call and ask? THEN there are the people who clearly don't read emails. Here are a few samples of the questions that I get SEVERAL times a day in regards to the event coming up next week. Where do I park? Where do we send our materials? What time is the Career Fair? Where is it? What do I wear? All of this has been answered in emails, packets and fliers. When I am asked this I always say: Did you get my email? Their reply: Yes. At this point I am trying to keep my head from spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist

Four days to go. God help me. Four days to go. Monday is the beginning. Watch CNN headlines. You may see me featured and not in a good way.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

This past week I have eaten too much junk and boy do I feel it. For some reason I over did it with the sugar. I made vegan espresso brownies and ate the whole freakin' pan! What the hell!!!!!Then there were doughnut holes and Easter candy. It doesn't help that I have fallen off the wagon with my running. Because of all this I feel bloated, sluggish and crappy. It has to end. However it is going to be hard since Trac brought over her yummy pumpkin cupcakes and some delicious bread. Here is the thing. I MUST eat the muffins. They call to me and since I already feel like crap I will just polish them off and start fresh. How is that for warped logic.

This week I am going to start off right with Beth's Raw and Fancy Salad that I got from Sarah's blog. I whipped it up tonight to take to work tomorrow. Of course I had to taste test it and it is EXCELLENT. I would love to incorporate some raw meals into my diet. Of course I would also love to put my dogs on a raw diet too. There are so many benefits to it. Trac has taken the plunge with her dogs and is already seeing benefits from it. The cost of putting our four greys on a raw diet would be expensive, but I am thinking we could do half and half. Raw in the morning and kibble at night? But if you are going to go raw, should you just do all the way and not half way? Then there is the fact my husband does most of the feeding because he gets up in the morning first and gets home before I do. Lots of things to consider.