Thursday, December 06, 2007

Marloo Cutter

Say hello to our foster Marloo Cutter.
It has been awhile since we fostered a greyhound straight from the track, but this guy has made it easy for us. He is the easiest foster we've had. Not only that, he is adorable, fun and a HUGE cuddle bug. If he wasn't slotted for a family it would be extremely hard to give him up.
Marloo Cutter (we are calling him Cutter) is a 2.5 yr old blue fawn. He is mighty fine lookin'. Loves to play and is a fast learner. By the third day he has mastered the big stairs. He is also into everything! But that is only because he is so curious and he is only 2.
As for our guys....they tolerate him. Well, John is NOT happy he is here. Rim is indifferent and Maggie just looks at Cutter like he is an idiot.
Cutter is only with us for a few weeks, but boy will we miss him. He is going to be a great dog!

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bazu said...

awww, he looks like a love bug! so cute. I want to see a picture of Maggie looking at him all condescendingly!