Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thank you to everyone for their support and kind words. Thanksgiving was hard not having Sally here to share it with us, but we had two guests help us through. Malcom and Cosmo came to visit for a few days and having them was the best therapy. They made the house feel full again.

So here is what happened. The vet was pretty positive that the tumor was an aggressive cancer (he gave a name, but I was numb at that point) and it was slowly bleeding into her chest. To make matters worse it was pushing against her esophagus making it hard for her to swallow. There wasn't anything that would make her better. The vet said as direct as he could, the best thing to do was put her down.

It just happened so fast. Now we are down to three hounds and the house feels so empty. It is hard to believe that when I started blogging we had five and now after only a couple years we have three. Should I adopt two more to live up the name of this blog? Tempting.

Onto Thanksgiving. I cooked a traditional fare for my husband and the pups. Yes, the dogs get a full Thanksgiving meal. An hour after dinner, the dogs and husband were all passed out in the tv room. Mission accomplished.

Cooking is another great therapy tool. There is something so relaxing about it. It makes you focus and think only on what you are doing. With that said, this week I plan to make more dishes from Veganonicom. Such as -

Roasted Fennel and Hazelnut Salad w/Shallot Dressing - I've never had fennel before. But this recipe captured my attention and I can't stop thinking about it!

BBQ Seitan and Crispy Coleslaw Sandwich - Just the name makes me drool.

Creamy Tomato Soup w/Vegan grilled cheese - Sometimes you just have to have that comfort food.

Penne Vodka - And then there are times you just need some booze.


All my tomorrows said...

Cooking as therapy...I was reading something Rachel Ray had written about this the other day and she said something similar. I need to do more of it.

Glad you're hanging in there. My thought NOW is that when we lose one, it is because there is another out there that needs us.

They will find you when you are ready.

runswithdog said...

I swear the bums are depressed being home! They wouldn't get off their beds all evening.