Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bazoo was sweet enough to turn me on to Adagio Teas. Wait that sounds weird. But in reality these teas are so good I was sort of turned on so I am sticking with my prior statement.
This little starter kit is so cute, so fun and perfect. You steep the tea, set the pot on top of your mug , it releases all the tea in your cup and there you have it! Viola! A perfect cup of tea.

The Chamomile was wonderful, so was the Spearmint. The Blood Orange - NASTY! Ick. Did not like it at all. However, it smells really good so I am going to use it as potpourri. Ha!
Bazoo also gave me some wonderful Elder Berries to try. Very nice, smooth and sort of fruity tasting. The whole kit was only $19! Best $20 bucks I ever spent.


bazu said...

You got your teas before I did! But don't worry, I got mine today, just as we predicted.

Guess what, though- I had just walked in the door, and was still wearing my boots and coat, so when I went to sniff the (metal) tins, I got a HUGE spark on my nose and mouth! The tea electrocuted me! So, I'm staying away from that for a while...

Jen said...

Blood orange sounds yummy! They are yummy to eat, anyway. :o)

Pictures of your new foster??? Hmmpfhum?

Jen :o)