Saturday, October 13, 2007


As soon as Bill and I returned from Indian Lake, I headed out with Trac and Jen to Dewey Beach Delaware for Greyhound's Reach the Beach. It was so much fun. We stayed in a beautiful and extremely dog friendly condo. The weather was great and the dogs were angels. It was bittersweet for me because I always went to Dewey with Alyssa. It wasn't the same, but it shouldn't be and as much as I missed her it was great to experience Dewey with John. It was his first time walking in the sand and smelling the salty air. He loved it. To check out pictures visit Jen's blog.

I do have to bitch about one thing. Rehoboth and Dewey...not vegan friendly. I was going to make a burrito pie for dinner and needed Toffuti Sour Cream or any vegan sour cream. Went to 3-4 stores to find none! Well, one did but all of them had expired by at least 6 months! ewwwwww. But here is the thing. They had every brand of Silk Soy milk and I found veggie cheese slices, but soy creamer or sour cream. Forgot about it. Next year...I am bringing all the stuff I need with me.

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