Sunday, August 19, 2007

Little bundles of goodness

This is hands down my favorite cornbread...ever!!! Kudos to the Candle Cafe cookbook for sharing this recipe with the public. The flavor is out of this world with the roasted Quinoa. I made these little muffins to have with vegan butter and pure maple syrup for breakfast tomorrow. Damn I can hardly wait. These little bundles come from La Dolce Vegan. They are coconut, chocolate chip buttons. You can't eat just one, or two...errrr...three. Damn. I had six in one sitting with an ice cold glass of soy milk.


bazu said...

you are so cute! I'm that way with baked goods. When a recipe says how many it will make, I always have to subtract 4 or 5 which I eat for... er... quality control purposes! Ha.

runswithdog said...

Those cookies are really really good - mine are all gone. Did you make enough muffins for me? LOL

IHateToast said...


guacamo would love them. tamale would be suspicious; she'd think i was out to try to make her sit.

i'd sit for those.

Jen said...

Having tasted both of these recipes... omigod, I totally agree... they rock!


urban vegan said...

I'll have to try them. I am guilty of licking the bowl and that cuts down on the quantities a bit, too