Monday, July 09, 2007

Edited Title: To Run or Not to Run?

Trac, Sue and I have been training to run the Bud Run 10k race in September. All three of us are getting are milage up there and being pretty disciplined to get out for a long slow run on Saturday's. This past Saturday Trac did 4.5 (woo hoo) and Sue did 4.25 (another woo hoo). Sue did this without running during the week!! Which is awesome, but Trac and I both were on her to get those mid-week runs in so she doesn't injure herself. We want her at the start line with us! With all this training I was tempted to try the Boilermaker next year.

The Boilermaker was this past Sunday and the news wasn't good. Someone died. Although there was a pre-existing medical condition, this isn't the first death at this race! I don't know if I want to run a race where 4 people have died even if it was over 30 years. Plus, I heard mixed race reports. Some people love running with 15,000 people and others, not so much. I think might be in the not so much crowd.


bazu said...


All my tomorrows said...

At first I thought you were going to say someone you run with died! And I thought 'gee, she is sure being casual about it!'. It's still tragic no matter what, but don't let it deter you. Freak things happen. People have heart murmurs they don't know about. They also drink too much water or not enough or they are not in shape and should not be out there doing that far of a distance.

Don't let it freak you out. I think you'll be ok! :-)

(prayers for the family of the person who passed away..)

Bridget said...

My brother just emailed me and said I scared the crap out of him so I changed the title. LOL!

It is so sad. The guy was only 24. Heartbreaking.

Jen said...

I saw footage of the race on TV. Just miles and miles of people, are running together. Wow, that was a LOT of people.

Awful about the young person that died. :o(