Friday, July 20, 2007

Jason, Freddie, Michael and Ben

All characters that I have envisoned seeing this weekend. See what watching too many horror movies and "When Animals Attack" get you!

Trac, Jen, Wendy and I are heading up to Lake Placid to watch the IronMan. This my friends will be my first camping experience ever and I am going to get the full experience of sleeping in a tent, cooking and eating by a campfire, peeing in the woods, etc. Lord have mercy on me. Oh, and come to find out that two of the girls have been visited by a monthly 'friend' Isn't this what they call Bear bait? I mean isn't that basically sending up flares to the wildlife community? Well, we shall see if a slew of crazed disney characters show up at our camp.

But I am not too worried because there will also be 5 dogs with us. Yep. 5 greyhounds and three humans. So stayed tuned because you know there are going to be stories from this weekend. Hopefully none that has the word poision ivy and ass involved.


IHateToast said...

okay, i have the first three. who is ben?

what you need is that poor double-muscled whippet.

bazu said...

Have fun, you wild & crazy kids!

By the way, I want that Reuben sandwich sooooo bad!