Sunday, July 29, 2007

A few pictures from the Ironman. Most are of the swim because I couldn't get over the beauty of everything around me. The morning of the race was a cold one with temps in the 40's. You can see the fog coming off the water.

We walked up to the lake to see an army of kayak's. Floating and waiting. You could feel the anticipation, anxiety and excitement. Here is the start of the race. It gave me goose bumps watching. I can't even imagine how cold the water was!

The mist is from the swimmers hauling ass. And if you stared at them without blinking their arms turned into black fish leaping in and out of the water.
The black fish swim upstream.
To stick with the water theme - a sea of bikes.

It was an amazing race to watch and I have nothing but the highest respect to anyone who enters an Ironman. I bow down.

Wilson feels the same way.


bazu said...

Wow- those pictures are SO beautiful! Aside from the rainy friday, I'm glad the rest of the weekend had such good weather for an event such as this! The water looks like it actually has mist on it.

IHateToast said...

(playing catch up. took a week off!)

i don't know if that's respect i see on wilson's face. i think he's thinking of licking all those salty faces.