Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cement shoes

Who put cement in my shoes?! During my run today it sure as hell felt like someone filled my shoes with cement. Well, it was more like my feet were bricks which were wearing cement shoes. Yup. That's it.

Monday I ran the same route (3.5 miles) at a decent pace. Today I started out and around the first mile marker it hits. The heavy, fatigued leg feeling. I worked through it and it hit again at 1.5 mile marker. Slowed down and thought I worked through it and then it hit again 22 minutes
into my run. I know exactly because it hit me hard and I looked at my watch. It took a lot of effort to keep running and I knew I couldn't finish the route and just told myself to get to 30 minutes or the corner, which ever one came first. Didn't make it to the corner, but hit 30 minutes and had to walk. It SUCKED because I couldn't finish the last .5 mile. WHY?!?

The only thing I can figure is that I didn't have coffee in the morning like I usually do and didn't eat something to give me an energy boost before my run. Whatever. It just was one of those runs that just piss you off. Just a cherry on top of the crappy week I am having and it is only freaking Tuesday!!!! But you know, this is just how the running gig goes. You have bad days and good days. Hopefully Thursday will be a good one.


IHateToast said...

i hate those days. i recently read about Karen Smyers ( here) and liked her comment about cutting a workout short if her body tells her to. it's under the section on overuse. feel no guilt. your body just wanted to stop for whatever reason. it won't fix the rest of your week, but maybe this will make you feel a tad better.

i hope.

runswithdog said...

My run today was exactly the same! It stinks.

Sue said...

Ok - It must be because it is Tuesday. I had the same feeling when I was running!!