Monday, May 21, 2007

Race Report

Saturday was the 'Race For The Cure' breast cancer 5k event. The race was held at the NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse and approxmiately 7,000 people attended. What was cool about this race is that it was a nationwide and while my husband and I were running in NY, my sister-in-law was running in Ohio. It was her first 5k and she kicked butt with a time of 34.52! Holy crap! We are just so damn proud of her! WAY TO GO BECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she is probably kicking herself for sending me photos...hee, hee.)

Before and after the race. What a group of good lookin' people! Sheesh!

The event was very timely because Bill's mom just had surgery a few days before and just got out of the hospital on Friday. She is doing really well and has to continue with radiation for awhile and then will be done with treatment and will (hopefully) be cancer free! Woo hoo.The race Bill and I ran went great and it was very upbeat and inspirational! There was a band playing at every corner of the course so you didn't really need your headphones. People were so supportive of each other and it was just a helluva lot of fun! My husband kicked ass with a time of 24 and something minutes! He ran a 7.53 pace. Good God. My pace was about 10:30 and I finished around 32 minutes. I felt really good throughout the race and just enjoyed myself. The best part though was Sherri! She is one of the ladies in our running group. She has come a long way with her running and!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure in the hell did kick my butt at the finish! We saw the home stretch and she just pulled away and flew. She not only beat her personal best...she CRUSHED her personal best. Both of us couldn't stop smiling. Very cool.


Jen said...

That's right! Your race was Saturday! Man, I totally forgot... I am a schmuck. Congrats on the great time, sounds like ya'll had a wonderful day.


bazu said...

Congratulations- that sounds so cool. Shamefully, I didn't even realize that race was going on. Best wishes to Bill's mom.

Sherry said...

Hi Bridget! Hey you kept me going with the race! I think you did awesome! especially that you haven't ran in a while or as often!

Thanks for your support!