Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Memorial Weekend

Yesterday we kicked off the weekend with our very first vegan BBQ. I know I said this before, but if you would've of told me that I would be serving vegan food over Memorial weekend I would've thought you needed to increase your medication. But here it is 9 months since I made the commitment to be a vegetarian and I am hosting a bbq that didn't have a hamburger in site. It felt good. It felt really good. Partly because we had a ton of great food, but mostly, because we had great people to share it with.

Trac and her husband came over and Trac made the BEST CUPCAKES EVER. Seriously. The kind of good that makes you moan when you take a bite. Holy crap I am drooling just thinking of them. I made a total pig of myself and ate THREE. It was totally worth the stomach ache. Trac also brought over what I call - 'Crack' It is this bean/corn dip that you can't stop eating. Bazu and Daiku brought over yummy potato salad (which I am eating right now) and coleslaw (which I plan to eat after I am done with the potato salad). We dined on grilled eggplant, which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to make. One, I learned that olive oil and the grill combo will create a small inferno. On a side note: thank you to the local fire department that posted the sign - keep grill away from structures.

We also attempted to grill some corn. Attempted the key term. Then came out the bbq ribz, and for the final course - tofu kabob's with everyone creating their own kabob. I do have to say, the tofu came out damn good. I found a recipe for Hong Kong Chicken and decided to use that marinade for the tofu. It came out very tasty and spicy!!! (recipe at the end).

To signal the beginning of summer I made the first batch of Sangria. It is damn good shit. Easy to make and very refreshing (recipe at the end). Tons of fruit, wine and gin. Who could as for anything more!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures because I was running around trying not to burn down the house :-)

Hong Kong Tofu marinade:

2 Tablespoons curry paste
2 Tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup oil (I used olive oil)
1/3 cup soy sauce
2 cloves of garlic minced

Marinade tofu overnight.


1 bottle red wine (I love using Cabernet Sauvignon, but you can use Merlot, Shiraz, etc)
1 lemon cut into wedges
1 orange cut into wedges
1 lime cut into wedges
2 Tbsp sugar
Splash of OJ
2 shot of gin (use good gin)
1 cup of sliced strawberries or raspberries (may use frozen, but I prefer fresh)
1 small can of diced pineapples (with juice)
4 cups ginger ale

Pour wine in pitcher and squeeze the juice wedges from the lemon, orange, and lime into the wine. Toss in the fruit wedges (leaving seeds out) and pineapple then add sugar, orange juice and gin. Chill overnight. Take out wedges and strain to remove the pulp. Add ginger ale, berries and ice just before serving.


bazu said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'd never been to a vegan BBQ before. All the food was gorgeous. I now have a new found appreciation for grilled corn- seriously! And the ribz... and the kabobs... and obviously the sangria! I promise to post photos soon!

All my tomorrows said...

I like that you mentioned to use "good gin". Yes, always use good gin in ANYTHING that requires gin. I'm just now, about 24 years later, able to say the word "gin" without wanting to puke.

Meanwhile...sounds like a great time. The food list was making me DROOL.

Happy Memorial Day!

Village Vegan said...

I saw the tofu on Bazu's looks so yummy! Thanks for posting the recipe. What kind of curry paste did you use in it?

Vivacious Vegan said...

Your tofu marinade sounds wonderful and after seeing Bazu's pictures, I'm going to make it for sure. I learned the best way to make BBQ'd corn is to soak the corn (husks on) in cold water for at least 15 min. This gets the husks nice and wet so they don't char as quickly. Then you put the corn on the BBQ with the husk on. Cook until the husks are lightly black all around. This should give you a little char on the corn but not too much.

Bridget said...

It was a red curry paste that I used and I can't think of the brand name. Sorry!

Thanks for the tip on grilling corn. It is now my mission to grill corn successfully before the end of summer :-)