Friday, May 04, 2007

The Future

Next weekend is graduation and students will disappear from campus. Some I will miss. Some I won't. But the ones I will miss the most are in the following photos.
I manage a busy student career office and couldn't do it without a fantastic talented crew of student workers. Three of them are graduating and will go on to have fantastic careers. Although it breaks my heart to see them go, it is with great excitement that I wait to see where life takes them. Plus, I have pictures that I can blackmail them with later.

Dave, Eric, Kelvin, Paul, Christa (back row) Shannon and Francesca (front)

What a good looking crew!!

The CDC girls - Shannon pulling her 'I am so sexy look' and getting ready to do a kick ass internship at CNN- Christa the ring leader and peacekeeper of the CDC, and Francesca, future casting director of the world (and mother of the CDC - she took such good care of us!).

The men of the CDC. Eric (new and already has girl groupies), Dave (who will win an Oscar someday), Kelvin (goof ball and wicked talented sports writer) and Paul (who will most likely make a million bucks by the time he is 30).
This is what happens when you ask your co-workers to hold your camera!!!!

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