Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today I made the best damn sandwich EVER! The recipe came out of Sarah Kramer's "How It All Vegan" and I changed it just a teeny tiny bit.

The only bread that was in the store this morning when I went shopping was Italian. I slathered both sides with a mix of Earth Balance butter and parm. cheese and toasted both sides. The filling was an avocado paste with a little sprinkle of red pepper flakes, layered with tomato, onion and spicy sprouts. I put a mix of veganise and Dijon mustard as the spread. OMG it was so freakin' good. Thanks Sarah for the great recipe.

As a side I had a crunchy coleslaw that was very refreshing. It was a great combo and a great dinner on a warm day.

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Big Brother said...

The yard looks really good, so much better than all that mud!!

Good luck fencing off the woods, that sounds like fun!

Jeff ;-)