Thursday, April 05, 2007

To celebrate spring I decided to redo my blog design and chose a soft blue color scheme. Maybe it will be calming and soothing to those who read my blog. All three of you.

Be warned this is my rant for today.

I decided today that people suck. Not everyone, but nearly everyone. What the hell happened to society that people don't give a crap anymore and stopped paying attention? Stopped giving a shit about doing a good job? One of my talents (or curse) is that I am good at doing event planning. The reason I am good at it is because I am bossy (very), obsessive, anal, way overly organized and fret over every detail. I also feel if it isn't going to get done right I'll just do it myself. Which can be a bad thing when you are trying to juggle 50 million things. So there are times when I have to rely on other people to do their job. The job might be to print a poster or to put an ad in the newspaper or to read an email to know what the fuck is going on. Now I ask you. Is this to much to ask? Clearly it is.

Today, I had the printer screw up the posters not just once...twice! This is after I brought them a hard copy of what it was supposed to look like (I couldn't use this one because it was all ripped to hell) and yet, they made the EXACT same mistake. The paper was poster size, but the font was teeny tiny. WTF?! How did that happen...TWICE. Then there was the ad. We called to confirm they had the right ad to run because we had to make changes and sent a revised version. What did I see....wrong ad. And they clearly messed with it because all the companies were out of alphabetical order!

Now, things do go wrong, but this is what fries my ass. Don't people look at shit and go...hmmmmmmmmmmm....that doesn't look right? Maybe I should give the client a call and ask? THEN there are the people who clearly don't read emails. Here are a few samples of the questions that I get SEVERAL times a day in regards to the event coming up next week. Where do I park? Where do we send our materials? What time is the Career Fair? Where is it? What do I wear? All of this has been answered in emails, packets and fliers. When I am asked this I always say: Did you get my email? Their reply: Yes. At this point I am trying to keep my head from spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist

Four days to go. God help me. Four days to go. Monday is the beginning. Watch CNN headlines. You may see me featured and not in a good way.


Sue said...

Boy do I understand.....I left work at 8:15PM today....that again is PM because of all the work that was put on my desk. I at the same time I watch 3 of my "co workers" (if you can call them that) surf the net and then leave at 5PM.....What is wrong with this picture. The people are wondering why I want to change jobs!!!

All my tomorrows said...

Happy Birfday to your DH!

Hang in there with work. I wonder, too, if the whole world is illiterate at times.

runswithdog said...

"People don't give a crap anymore and stopped paying attention?" Boy, isn't that the God's honest truth. I am coming to the realization that it doesn't pay to have too much personal investment in the behavior of other people. Odds are they will just disappoint you. Just do your thing and know that you can sleep the rest of the righeous every night. The main person you have to be accountable to is yourself. LOL

You have been doing a great job - above and beyond your job description and pay level. Your employer is lucky to have you!

Jen said...

You've been doing an awesome job, Bridge. I'm surprised you are still sane!!!

Big Brother said...

Hey sis,

Now you will have four people reading your BLOG's!!!

Love ya!