Sunday, April 01, 2007

This past week I have eaten too much junk and boy do I feel it. For some reason I over did it with the sugar. I made vegan espresso brownies and ate the whole freakin' pan! What the hell!!!!!Then there were doughnut holes and Easter candy. It doesn't help that I have fallen off the wagon with my running. Because of all this I feel bloated, sluggish and crappy. It has to end. However it is going to be hard since Trac brought over her yummy pumpkin cupcakes and some delicious bread. Here is the thing. I MUST eat the muffins. They call to me and since I already feel like crap I will just polish them off and start fresh. How is that for warped logic.

This week I am going to start off right with Beth's Raw and Fancy Salad that I got from Sarah's blog. I whipped it up tonight to take to work tomorrow. Of course I had to taste test it and it is EXCELLENT. I would love to incorporate some raw meals into my diet. Of course I would also love to put my dogs on a raw diet too. There are so many benefits to it. Trac has taken the plunge with her dogs and is already seeing benefits from it. The cost of putting our four greys on a raw diet would be expensive, but I am thinking we could do half and half. Raw in the morning and kibble at night? But if you are going to go raw, should you just do all the way and not half way? Then there is the fact my husband does most of the feeding because he gets up in the morning first and gets home before I do. Lots of things to consider.


runswithdog said...

You really should have shared those brownies! LOL And just to think, after such a junk food filled time, you got double the amount of muffins and poundcake from me.

paola_ said...

We feed Tara half kibble, half raw (mixed together) as recommended by her breeder. I think Tara's coat is much better now.

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