Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is the week of the dog at the Lichtinger household. Friday I received a call about two greyhounds being returned due to a sad situation. The owner was elderly and her health took a bad turn. She ended up being put in a nursing home and her greys had to be returned. Trac went with me to pick up Derek and Marcie. It was terrible and both of us were almost in tears. When you walked in the house you could tell this woman lived for her animals. There were framed portraits of all her animals on the wall and talking to her brother-in-law it was just devasting to her losing her two babies. It was heartbreaking.

Trac actually fostered Derek, and hence why she thought it was great he was staying with us. She has great pictures of Derek on her blog. Derek is a sweet old boy, but very, well, like Trac said ADD. Marcie on the other hand is very skittish and shy, but warms up to you quickly. Actually she is much better without Derek around! Calmer and not as...."oh my god what is happening" state of mind. What cracks me up about her and she has no pants! Look at how bare her butt is!

Derek went to another foster home, but Marcie is staying with us till Thursday. She is an absolute sweetie and is totally cat safe. She broke her back hock at the track and they never repaired it so she does have a limp, but other than that she is in great shape. Anyone looking to adopt should check out Greyhound Outreach.

We are also dog sitting two 14 year old greyhounds, JR and Alexis. Their owners made reservations at Casa Lichtinger over 6 months ago. They are easy and settle in nicely. Lexy doesn't have a lot of teeth so her tongue often hangs out the side of her mouth and JR has the backend old man wobble and needs help getting up sometimes. So this makes 7 greyhounds in the house and two cats. On Tuesday, we get one of Trac's hounds, Cozmo. That will be 8 hounds and two cats. Hopefully my neighbors who are selling their house won't be having an open house this week. HA! Can't you picture it! You are looking out to check out the back yard, glance over and see 8 greyhounds come rushing out of the house next door! Hmmmmm....I should warn them. Anyhoo, Coz is great and he loves coming over. It will be one big greyhound party! I most definitely will take pictures this week.

I thought I post a photo collage of a daily occurance that happens around here. Maggie kicking me off the couch. She MUST have the end of the couch. Not the middle. It also must be the spot I am sitting in. She always starts with the stare down. Seriously, she will stand and just stare straight at you without blinking and do a small tail wag. There is no ignorning her or telling her to go away. She will always come back and just stare...stare...stare. You can practically hear her saying..."Are you going to move? You are going to move? That is my spot? Are you going to move?"

So it begins...

You are in my spot.

Okay, now I am serious. Get off.

You can't ignore me!

Finally I can't take it anymore and move. She wins again. It is that I can't resist that face! Sigh.


All my tomorrows said...

You rock for taking care of all those hounds. My record is: 10, but not at my house. Thank god. House sitting for someone with 7 and then 1 foster and then my 3...wait...that makes 11. Woo hoo! Dinner time was always an interesting thing. But what other breed can you do this with, I ask?

Also, my joke around my house is that I watch TV on the dog bed because my dogs are on the couches.

(I AM the boss. They are just spoiled)

Big Brother said...

Hey sis,

Break out the lawn chairs...or you need a bigger couch!!! You guys are awesome, the kids are so spoiled, SMILE!!!!!

Jen said...

LOVE the photos. OMG, Macey looks so much like Lucy...even the bare butt!


bazu said...

That sounds like such a sad situation. Greyhounds are lucky to have you and Trac and other dog lovers to take such good care of them. You rock. Both Daiku and I wish we had the opportunity to adopt a dog, but I think our cats would have heart attacks. =( Good luck with everything. Great photos! (I love the naked butt one- hee hee)