Friday, April 20, 2007

There has been this funny object in the sky the past couple days? It is bright and orange? Oh wait! It is the SUN! Holy crap, I think we are actually in spring. Today it was in the high 60's and it was glorious. Since it was so nice I thought I would let all the dogs venture in the big yard. What in the hell was I smoking?

Our backyard is huge and a greyhound owners worst nightmare. The back part of the yard is wooded with lots of sticks and branches that love to lodge themselves in greyhound paws and other body parts. It doesn't help that a battalion of squirrels are back there as well. The middle part of the yard is a mud pit. All the rain water runs down from the front part to the middle and creates areas of mud that is like quicksand. I do believe one year I lost a shoe. Anyway, the upper part of the yard is the dog yard. We used bright ass orange snow fence to make a small dog area for the pups to potty and what-not. This area is a godsend during the spring muddy season. But I have been wanting to fence off the woods so the pups can enjoy the middle of the yard (when dry) and help me not clench my butt cheeks every time they run out in the big yard. If I think back, I can say we've had 2 incidents of dogs sliding into trees (it was winter, slipped and slid right into a tree on their side), and at least 8 incidents of sticks puncturing paws (3 needed vet visits), not to mention the cuts and scrapes. So no more!! This weekend we are putting the fence up so they can't get back there anymore. Oooops...went off the subject.

This morning I thought I am going to let them out to wander around and enjoy the sun. It didn't look that muddy. I repeat. What the hell was I smoking? Here is the good news. The dogs had a blast. Here is the bad news. The dogs had a blast. They were running around having a ball! I could hear them yelling...weeeeee!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! (in the high pitch kids voice). They were jumping over sticks and branches with me having visions of dogs being impaled!! I nearly had my own gastric emergency! When the dogs were finished all of them...ALL of them were covered in mud. It took me 20 minutes and two buckets of water to clean 32 paws and 8 bellies (I was very late to work). It was worth it because they had so much fun and no one (thank you God) was hurt!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I can almost wee myself.


Big Brother said...

You guys need to put down artificial turf!!! :-)

Yes, Spring may finally be here, woohoo!!! It hit 80 here today!!!

Love ya sis!!!!

bazu said...

Today was the BEST DAY EVER! We drove to Rochester... sun, beautiful sun.

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