Sunday, April 29, 2007

Random things

To celebrate Earth Day and to make my small contribution to the environment, I have decided to purchase reusable grocery bags from Wegman's. You couldn't beat the price at $0.99 per bag AND these bags are awesome! They hold up to 50 lbs of groceries and are extremely sturdy. It is so nice not having to use 30 little plastic bags that clog our landfills, take forever to load in the car, rip and tear, and just suck. Now I only use two or three of these for all my groceries and it take me seconds to load my car.

While shopping I came across these chips at Wegman's called "Food Should Taste Good." Yes, yes it should. The two varieties that caught my eye were Olive and Chocolate. WTH? Chocolate? Really? In a tortilla chip?
This is the Olive for my husband who loves green olives. A very savory cracker! The olive is not overpowering at all. Bill loved them and so far has polished off half the bag.

Now for the Chocolate. It is definitely a tortilla chip that you couldn't dip anything with, but it lovely just by itself. The cocoa flavor doesn't come out till near the end of eating the cracker. Sort of a nice chocolate after taste. It was different, but in a good way.

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Big Brother said...

Could you please ask Wegman's to build a store here, that is such an awesome place!!!

Love the pictures, too cute!!!

Love ya,
Big Brother