Saturday, April 28, 2007

The rain can really bum people out, but I have to say I love it in the spring. Today it has been raining off and on, but a gentle meditative type of rain. I look outside and everything is so green and the trees are just starting to bud and some have even popped. I love that. When you look outside and noticed that almost overnight the trees came alive. Ahhhh spring.

Today I made a HUGE batch of food for the pups. We've decided to do home cooked food for the dogs instead of raw. John has been on cooked food for the past three weeks and is doing fantastic! No problems with his colitis and we hope that continues. Maggie couldn't be happier that her dreams have come true. She would take f o r e v e r eating. Always the last one to finish and would sort of sniff and move the food around before eating it. Now she dives in and finishes first! It feels good to make something that I know the dogs love and is good for them.


runswithdog said...

It is easier to tolerate the rain when we have had sun for a few days :-)

Jen said...

I just went to Aldi's tonight... holy crow, you're right! I got a bunch of meat for the dogs at prices even better than Wallyworld! :oO

So when are we going to get a picture of the 20 lbs. can of tuna you bought for the dogs? LOL! :oD