Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

We woke up to freshly fallen snow, but before I could get in a funk about it I saw the most beautiful sight. Sitting on the white blanket was a male cardinal. A gorgeous red bird sitting proudly against a backdrop of brilliant white - his color just exploded. It was so beautiful it suddenly hit me that this sight is a great Easter present. I wish I had a picture to share.

'Big Red' (yes, we named him) reminded me of the importance of Easter. It is a day of new life, beauty and a clean slate. Spring is coming, even though it feels like winter will never end, the birds remind me that it will be here soon.

Happy Easter!


Sue said...

Happy Easter -

Cardnals just have a way of making people feel least for me!!!

Have a great day!!!

Vivacious Vegan said...

My favorite part of winter is being able to enjoy the birds and other wildlife. When we lived in southern CA the best we ever got were a few noisy crows. Here in TN, once the leaves fall, we're constantly treated with the beauty of cardinals, blue jays, wood peckers, and many more birds I don't know the names of. I love it. While I love spring (more than winter), it does make me a little sad to say goodbye to all the cheerful friends who've kept me company during the cold and otherwise dreary winter.

bazu said...

I'm actually worried that the snow is killing our flowers and confusing the birds. We saw a finch in a tree yesterday, and he kept jumping every time a snowflake landed on his head- funny and sad! I have to trust that the birds know what to do...

You know what they say, "April snow showers bring May plowers!" ha ha.

Happy Easter!

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