Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First I want to welcome my brother to bloggerland! He is a wonderful writer (of course I am bias) and he is a wonderful cook! Though not vegan and/or vegetarian he makes wonderful marinades so I hope he shares some of his dishes!

My house is a mess. You can't move without triping over a greyhound. I love 'em, but holy shit they are a lot of work! Seriously I don't know how people do it that actually OWN over 8 dogs!
JR is up my butt!!! He is old and likes to stand in front of you and pant. His back legs aren't the best so standing is easier for him than laying down. Lexie is great. She has a hard time getting over the steps to come inside so it take 5 minutes of coaxing to get her to come in. Meanwhile everyone else is going in and out, in and out, in and out, while I am holding the door open talking her through it.

Marcie our little foster is really coming out of her shell. She has finally realized she can go up the three small stairs to the living room and kitchen. She has been having fun with that. She goes to another foster home tomorrow and we are really going to miss her :(

John is going through another bout of colitis!!! I woke up this morning to a huge mess on the living room carpet. Not good. John was miserable and you could tell he was ashamed. We are waiting for a call from the vet to see what the hell is going on! This is the third time! At first we thought it was stress induced, but he went to the vet, no problems, went through ADD greyhound, no problems. It just comes on every other week. I hope we can get him some relief.

For your viewing pleasure - my house which has been taken over by dog beds and bowls. It was hard getting them all in one shot! We have in the back with the scary glowing eye - Lexie, Marcie and John (laying down), the back end of Cosmo (who is staring to nest), Maggie looking highly annoyed in the far left (laying down) Rimmy thinking about smelling JR's butt, JR getting a drink from all the panting and Sally (right side laying down) wishing they all get the hell out.


Big Brother said...

Thanks for the compliments sis, and thank you Jen as well!

Wow, you and Bill have a kennel going on, mom would be proud!!! That's one of many things I love about you, such a big heart!!

Love ya,

Sue said...

I don't know how you do it!!!! I can't handle two kids, one cat and a husband!!! You have a house full!!

All my tomorrows said...

Have you tried Slippery Elm powder for John? Works wonders for lots of greys with colitis. Getting him on a raw diet will help too ;-). Hound #1 had lots of problems with this at first and the raw diet helped him immensely.

Jen said...

LOL, love the pics!


bazu said...

Mad props to you! I honestly couldn't take care of so many dogs- they are a bundle, and hyper, and I'm not a dog whisperer... but they are so cute. That last photo is priceless!