Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ah the glorious weekend! Finally the week is behind me and I can move forward and not think about the 'hell' event. There were a few moments where I lost my cool and damn near strangled a few people.

One is when a student found the recruiter's breakfast table. When there is food and students are around you have to be careful and make sure it is hidden or guarded. Students are like locusts. If they see a crop of food they swarm and everything will disapper before your eyes. With this in mind, we put the recruiter's continental breakfast in the interview room hidden away from the eyes of students.

On Tuesday, I am standing at the student check-in table when I see out of the corner of my eye a student walking with a plate full of doughnuts and orange juice. He has a suit on so I know he is here for an interview. He walks up to a group of students waiting for their interviews and they ask (naturally) "where did you get that" and he said "in there, it is for everyone." EXCUSE ME?! W T F ?! I go over and said, 'excuse me, but that is for the employers' and he said 'oh I didn't know' and I said 'that is because you didn't ask!' I am sorry, but what the hell. You walk in a room that is obviously where people are interviewing, you look around the corner, see food, help yourself, walk out, down a hallway, sit down and you think it is for EVERYONE!

Then on Wednesday, I so wanted to kick this guys ass! He was a punk. A jerk. Cocky, full of himself and it was obvious he thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Students have to check-in so employers know they have arrived and are in the lounge waiting to be called back for their interview. This nimrod came in the lounge and have the nerve to say "I don't know if I am going to check-in" and I looked at him and said 'I would be more than happy to give your interview to another student so I need you to tell me if you are checking in" and he said " Oh I don't know" and I said 'you need to check-in' He said ' I guess I will' and didn't get up out of his seat. He was expecting me to do it for him. This is the moment when my eyes changed from brown to red, my hair into snakes and my voice sounded like Darth Vader. He got up.

The event ran fairly smooth and the employers, students and my boss were happy. But hooray it is over with for another year!

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