Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vegan Dinner

A quick post about the first Vegan Dinner. I would write more but I am too exhausted.

The whole evening was a total BLAST! It was so cool meeting everyone and enjoying a fantastic meal created by Dave, the chef of Steve's Catina and Grill. He made two types of enchilada's, one was made with tempeh and soy protein that everyone really enjoyed. He served the enchilada's with yellow rice and grilled veggies. For appetizers we had his awesome salsa and guacamole! Man, we couldn't get enough of that stuff. Then there were the $6 pitchers of margaritas! Holy Mary Mother of God were they good. Too good in fact. Then to end the evening Trac made wonderful Margarita cupcakes! My co-workers who came to the dinner are still talking about them. We also had a little raffle and brought in a little cash for PAR (People for Animal Rights). It was a great night and a nice break from the stress of work. For great pictures of the food (I only got people shots) go to Where's the Revolution - Thanks Bazu!


bazu said...

Thank you for taking and posting these photos! Even though Daiku and I look weird, as usual!!

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