Friday, March 09, 2007

Tomorrow is going to hurt. It is the 2nd annual Tipp Hill race. A great race around the local Irish section of town. We go by the local pubs were people come outside to cheer you on and toast a beer to ya. Fun atmosphere, but a killer of a course. 4 miles of hills that make you say to yourself at least a dozen times during the race "why the fu** am I doing this?" I have no expectations of tomorrow other than to do my best. If I have the same time as last year I will be extremely happy. If I don't walk I will be even happier. We shall see. Trac, Jen, Sue and my hubby are running too. Here are my predictions - Trac will do great and will finish with a 11.30 pace- Jen will beat me, but she will vomit at the finish line. If you have ever read Jen's blog you will know what I am saying is true! Sue will do fantastic too. Bill will finish strong and will meet his goal of an 8:30 pace. Will definitely post some pictures and see if my predictions come true.

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Sue said...

You know that you will do great!!! I'm worried about me!! We tried to call Trace to see if everybody wanted to meet. Around 10:30 by the playground in Burnet Park? See you Tomorrow!!!