Saturday, March 10, 2007

Post Race Report

All of us survived! However, my legs may never be the same.

The weather wasn't bad at all. Actually it was pretty good running weather. It was cold, but by the time the race started it warmed up to about 40 and the sun was peeking out a little. Bill and I got there early and scored a sweet parking spot and hung out till the rest of the group showed up. As you can see we all packed in my mini-van to keep warm, then it was time to head to the start. My van was like a clown car - people just kept pouring out.

We all lined up - Bill way up front and the rest of us at the back. Of course they lined us up going down the hill so we had to go up the bitch to cross the start. Nice. Real nice. The start was obviously very crowded with 1200 runners!!! We saw one girl with a t-shirt that we MUST get - it said "I am slow - get over it" LOVE IT.

There were people with strollers running giving you dirty looks because they are trying to get around you. Man, that pisses me off. Seriously dude. Don't run with a double wide stroller and think you own the road! Then there are the people who walk and line themselves at the start right in the middle. Hello walker's who didn't start at the back, when there are 1190 people trying to maneuver their way around you don't act all surprise and startled.

After a bit I broke away and I am sure Jen was very close behind me because I could feel her eyes! Boaring a hole in the back of my head :-) The course was as much of a bitch as I remembered it to be. Lots of people walking between mile 2 & 3. It was hard. Damn hard, but I felt okay. Not good, but okay. My legs were fatigued the entire race and my chest burned, but I kept a nice steady pace. What almost took me down for the count was the killer motherfucking hill at mile 2.5. It is a steady incline for at least a half mile if not a little more. I wish there were words to describe the agony it is to run that hill. At one point a woman stopped to walk and asked me - "is the 3rd mile all uphill?" Yes, yes it is - it will eat you up and spit you out (I didn't say that out loud, but was certainly thinking it). It was slow going for me, but I didn't stop. It hurt and I was grunting - loudly and my nose was running so bad that I didn't have the energy to pull a tissue out of my pocket! Then I passed the stop sign. I made it and I didn't walk and fought the urge to walk afterwards. By the time I got in the park for the final loop I got my second wind. Well if you can call it that. I think it was just sheer happiness that I was near the finish. I finished strong and was extremely happy with my time. Better than last year - 42.10 (a 10:30 pace). Jen finished right on my tail. Her time was better than her first 5k and she ran a mile longer and she didn't vomit like I predicted. There was no evidence of the 5 cups of cereal she had before the race. Trac did great too and finished without walking and near her goal pace. Sue, Shannon and Chris also kicked butt and finished strong.

My husband had such a good race day! He beat his goal time and finished the race in 33 minutes! He is so funny and I wish people could hear him talk about his race because I can't do it justice. He told us there were a couple times people would run next to him and ask if he was okay! Bill doesn't have the typical runner body - he says he makes people nervous because they think he is the guy that is going to drop and have a heart attack on the course. Ha! Well he showed those people.

Overall it was a good run day and that makes it a good day. Now I am off for a date with Mr. Ben gay.

How many people can you fit in a Ford mini-van? Seven!
Before the race: Jen, Trac, Shannon, Chris, Sue, Theresa and me

After the race with rosey faces!: Theresa, Trac, Sue, Jen, me, Chris, Shannon and Bill

Me and my honey


All my tomorrows said...

What a great report! I loveeee the pictures!

How cute are you and your TALL DH. :-)

I'm still giggling over the 5 cups of cereal thing..but oh yes, thank ye heavens she did not vomit..hahaha!

That course does not sound friendly. In fact, it seems as unfriendly as my marathon course so I SALUTE you for toughing it out!

VERY respectable time, too! CONGRATS!

runswithdog said...

How about the guy pushing a triplet stroller and sprinting? Jeez.......

Freaking Bill....33:33.....I don't think I can associate with him anymore.......

Congrats on a good race. I enjoyed running with you for 3 seconds at the quarter mile mark before you passed me......LOL

Jen said...

You and Bill did awesome, Bridge. Just awesome! And yes, I was boaring a hole in your back. At least until I became distracted by a Subaru parked onthe road, and lost ya. :oP