Thursday, March 22, 2007

It Isn't Fair

**A poem I wrote 7 months ago....

It isn't fair because you left too soon.
It isn't fair because our hearts ache for your presence, your smell, the feel of your fur.
It isn't fair because it happened too fast.
It isn't fair because you deserve to be with us.
It isn't fair that we have to wait so long before we can see you again.
It isn't fair because everyday we will have to get used to you not being here.
It isn't fair that we will get used to it.
As much as it isn't fair, we are thankful that we had such a wonderful creature in our life to be so angry over losing.

In loving memory of Angus - a little fox terrier with the heart of lion and a personality to match.

1 comment:

vko said...

Bridget- that is beautiful and it made me cry. I shed tears for your pain that made you right this 7mos ago and also for Angus...