Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Damn I am tired. Work is KICKING my ass. It won't get better until April 12th when our big recruiting event is over with...thank you Lord. I am in charge of handling 43 companies, 80 recruiters, scheduling/coordinating 900 interviews for 5 different colleges, 200 of our own students with interviews, etc., etc. This on top of trying to run the Career office. It sucks, but enough bitching. It will be over with soon and my life will be my own again!

Not much going on food wise. I have been getting home late so I have been doing the lazy vegan diet - whatever you can boil in 10-12 minutes (pasta) or bake in 10-12 minutes (pizza) or can be put in two slices of bread (peanut butter and jelly).

We did have some greyhound excitement this weekend. Spring has sprung and the squirrels have been out in full force. Stupid freakin' idiot squirrels. Seriously. They are assholes. When I let the dogs out I check the yard, knock on the window to signal to the fuckers to get out of the dog yard before I let the dogs out. Well one must be deaf or stupid. I let the dog out and it turns into a freakin' free for all! Now I do muzzle my dogs because they don't play nice and thank god they were muzzled because a dog fight was guaranteed with the frenzy and lucky for the squirrel too or else he/she would have bought the farm. Anyway, the dogs tear out and it was like a fucking cartoon (you can tell I am tired when I start to curse a lot). Five dogs sprinting across the yard chasing this damn squirrel, climbing on top of each other, pounding the poor squirrel with their muzzles, it was horrible. Now picture me outside screaming and cursing like crazy (you know the neighbor's just loved this) because I HATE any kind of violence, be it animal or human. I freak. I just can't handle it. So I am yelling, trying to pull the dogs off the squirrel -- how stupid is that! No way am I am going to pull 5 crazed greyhounds off a squirrel, but I tried. Patio furniture was flying all over the place, dogs bouncing off the fence and me still screaming. Finally the squirrel got out of the dog yard - alive. But one of my guys got banged up pretty good. Rim was bleeding from his mouth. He was hitting his muzzle so hard that he broke pieces off and his gums were bleeding! Thank god he didn't lose any teeth, which I thought he did. He also had some nasty cuts on his legs because he did a baseball slide across the porch - that is when the plastic patio chair went flying over the fence. It was a spectacle! But he is okay, everyone is okay, I am okay, the squirrel I think is okay too.


All my tomorrows said...

For us, it is cats for some reason. Once AGAIN, a cat with a death wish came up on to my porch. Hound #1 lost his shit. He is the worst of the bunch about the cats.

The other funny thing was on our walk tonight, we passed a yard where two cats were stalking a squirrel up in a tree. The squirrel was chattering like he was Western Telegraph. I could just imagine "oh migawd...cats below me...greyhounds on the side...i'm going to SELF COMBUST!" LOL!

Jen said...

God, I can't stand squirrels--!


bazu said...

that. sounds. like. a. nightmare.

Sue said...

I can see you running out there trying to get the dogs off the squirrel. I think the only people who like squirrels are my kids!!

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