Saturday, March 10, 2007

Action Photos

Here are some action shots from the race:

Bill's finish photo's: #596 & 597
Sue and Theresa: Great finish photo by the way! #384 & 948
Tracy (who looks pretty damn good and if I am not mistaken I think I see a smile in one of them: #386, 387, 954 & 955
Shannon: #398 & 984
Chris: #375 & 846
Jen (is she singing or screaming?): #884
And little old me: #846


Jen said...

No, not singing or screaming... for some reason when I run I breathe through my mouth. I'm sure I'll catch many flies in the summer unless I remedy this -!

Jen :o(

Sue said...

Did anybody see the picture of Trac on Fleet Feet Syracuse?

Jen said...

OMG, Sue that is awesome! I'll have to go check it out!