Sunday, February 04, 2007

The week has finally ended. Woo hoo!! It was a tough one, but now I feel like I am on the upswing. Monday I am going to hit the treadmill for an easy 2 mile run since I didn't run at all last week because of a nasty cough that started last Sunday. This whole week I have been going through these 'coughing fits' where your eyes water, face turns red, and you pretty much feel like you are coughing up a lung or you cough so hard you make yourself gag. Not pretty my friends, especially when you are trying to hold a counseling appointment! The students were very sweet about it...grossed out, but sweet. Hopefully I didn't infect the entire student population where I work. Well it would be payback anyway because I got it from them. We fondly call our office the petry dish because we work in a basement and have at least 20-30+ students coming in daily sniffling, sneezing and coughing with the germs going nowhere except on us. Nice.

Trac and Jen are running the Mid-Winter Blues race this morning (in about 15 minutes to be exact). This is Jen's first 5k!! What a race to pick because today it is below zero with a slight wind. It is basically fu**king freezing. :-) We are meeting later this morning so I can get the scoop on the race. Wish I was there, but I had to stay home because of my cold and to keep and eye on John. Poor John.

Friday - which I will refer to as black Friday was the day from hell. First, it was the anniversary of Pat's death, then I get to work, park and my keys fell out of my pocket to land on the edge of the seat. When I didn't feel my keys in my pocket (which have my office keys too), I look through the glass and there they were....mocking me. Bastard! After a hard day at the office I get home to find that John has a bad case of the runs.

John has in the past had issues with the runs or sloppy joes we like to call it. Gross I know, but sometimes it does look like sloppy joes without the bun. Usually we put him on hamburger and rice for a few days till it gets better and get him some pumpkin to firm everything up. It usually works, except for this time.

Around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday I heard the sounds of someone vomiting. All you animal people know what sound I am talking about. When I got out of bed to see who it is the smell hit me. OH MY GOD THE SMELL. It was so foul. When I got downstairs I saw that John had vomited what smelled like satan's ass and looked like something out of satan's ass. At first I thought, did he eat shit? He vomited a couple more times and I swear to you it took everything I had not to join him. Shiver. Not only did the poor guy vomit bowel everywhere it also came out the other end in the family room...on...the..carpet. By this time, the other three nimrod's are up and thinking it is time for breakfast. The come downstairs and stop on a dime. They knew someone did something very bad. At this point I am trying to keep four greyhounds from walking through all the mess and herd them back upstairs so I can start clean-up. Thankfully Bill woke up and came down to help. It took several rolls of paper towels and entire can of Spot Shot to get it all cleaned up. We decided to just throw out the blankets and bed he vomited it. I feel sorry for the trash guys tomorrow when they open the lid.

Around 8 a.m. I called the vet office because John was very lathargic and didn't want to eat or drink. They told us to bring him in for an emergency appointment. We get him in the car and the poor guy vomits again while in route to the vets. The smell was bad, but not nearly as bad as earlier. My husband didn't think so and wasn't talking in fear of throwing up himself.

John had a terrible bout of Colitis. The stool sample showed a lot of blood so we did bloodwork. Greyhounds usually have thick blood or red blood cells, but John, he shocked everyone, even the vet, who by the way was also named John! The technician came in with the vial of blood to show the vet and there was barely any serum to test! To quote the vet "that is super impressive" so they had to take more blood. John was an angel and was so patient. Everyone kept praising him and telling him (and us) how sweet he is. After an hour we headed home with prescription food and meds. Poor guy vomited again in the car before we got home. This time it had lots of blood in it. They said that isn't unusal because of the irritation to the throat. However, if he vomited again we would have to bring him back to ER clinic.

I am happy to report John is doing very well this morning. He held down his water last night and this morning we fed him a can of I/D over four hours and he is holding that down. He is acting more perky so I think we are on the road to recovery. Now we just have to figure out how to keep this from happening again.


Iowa Greyhound said...

That is a scare! Oh my. It's good he's perking up.

Bridget said...

It was scary and I just felt so bad for him. The look of complete misery on his face was heartbreaking, but today is is 100% better!

Hope you and Miss Needle Nose are keeping warm!

Jen said...

Poor Johnny! I'm so glad he's doing better.