Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some exciting things have transpired this past week. First was meeting Sarah Kramer the author of my first vegan cookbook La Dolce Vegan. Trac came along too! Thank God because she was smart enough to bring a camera. SARO (Syracuse Animals Rights Organization) and the Committee on Women and Art hosted the event and there was a huge crowd! I am glad we got there a little early to get seats close to the front. Sarah came in and the first thing both Trac and I said to each other was....I LOVE her hair! It is was natural grey, but that really cool grey. Both of us were extremely jealous :-) Then there were the tattoo's! Artful and colorful. Beautiful. I am addicted to tattoo's and when I see people with really cool tat's I want another one. Anyhoo, Sarah did a brief cooking demo of her tomato soup cake recipe which I am going to try this weekend and just chatted with the group. She was hilarious, grounded, straightforward and extremely sweet. Trac and I really enjoyed the talk. Afterwards, she signed my cookbook and Trac snapped a picture of us. Unfortunately we didn't get any cupcakes because they were swarmed like a horde of locust by the college students.

The second exciting thing is Trac and I secured the restaurant for our first Syracuse Vegan Society dinner! Shit I am so excited. It will be at....drum roll please....Steve's Catina and Grill. A neighborhood bar and so much more. Let me be the first to say the food is F'in (I am trying to give up cursing for lent...I said trying!) DELICIOUS. Trac and I went their Friday night for a taste testing and Dave (owner, cook, waiter, etc) made us two HUGE plates of food. I mean there was a helluva lot of food. We took our first bite, looked at each other and said, why the HELL have we not eaten here before?!?! It was delicious. We had a great conversation with Dave and came up with the menu, price and date. To end your suspense the menu includes: Homemade salsa, guacamole & chips, salad bar w/Dave's homemade special Lime dressing black bean or grilled tofu enchilada with three huge sides of black beans, yellow rice, and grilled veggies. You get all this for $13 and this price includes the gratuity! Plus the owner of the bar (Mike) is going to give us some great drink specials on beer and margaritas (which are damn good too). The date is going to be Tuesday, March 20th and we are going to start advertising this week. Trac is extremely nervous we won't get 20 people, but I think we will. So people out there in blogger land, if you live close or around the Syracuse area and would like to come email Trac!


bazu said...

I love Sarah Kramer's tattoos too- makes me want another one so bad!

And I'm squeeing with excitement over the dinner club- Trac told me all about it, and it sounds fabulous!

All my tomorrows said...

Looks like you had a good time at the demo/book signing.

The veggie dinner sounds heavenly. Wish I could magically transport myself there to join in!