Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lesson # 3

Kitchen tip #3 from a beginning cook - do not under any circumstances cut an orange on the same cutting board you used to cuts onions the night before. Unless you like your oranges to have a nice onion flavor. Gag!

I almost made my boss and student worker vomit from the orange slice that I gave them today. This morning I sliced up a beautiful round and very fat orange to eat for lunch today. The problem was that I grabbed the cutting board out of the sink that I used to cut onions on last night. I know you are probably thinking why the hell would you cut something on a cutting board you didn't wash! Well I was running late and thought I would use the *other* side to cut the orange. I must of mixed up the sides. So I brought these beautiful slices in and gave one to my boss and student worker. All three of us took a bite and nearly spit the orange across the room because it tasted exactly like an onion. So foul. I never in a million years would guess something would pick up the flavor of an onion by merely being on the cutting board for a few seconds! No I know. And I must let others know.

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Vivacious Vegan said...

I learned this with an apple. Yuck!