Thursday, February 15, 2007

I just finished Fast Food Nation and it really touched me. Not in a sappy Lifetime movie kind of way, but in the way when you first realize that Santa isn't real. Your eyes are opened to a reality that hurts and disappoints. Most of my disappointment was in myself because I wouldn't look. I didn't want to understand and really think about the impact of fast food.

Fast Food Nation is different than Super Size Me. It takes you behind the scenes of the fast food industry. The power they have over our government and us is staggering. They are the master's at manipulating with advertising and marketing schemes. But what really bothered me was how they get away with treating people and animals so badly. Then something struck me and forgive me if I am being over dramatic. We are cattle to them too. I've had dreams of large human feedlots and in the middle were the golden arches. The troughs were full of french fries, cheeseburgers and milk shakes. Then just like the poor animals they slaughter, we are herded through the velvet ropes to our obseity, heart disease or whatever means they use to kill us.

What they are feeding Amercia and I don't mean the food is not right. What am I going to do about it then? Stop eating fast food. No more. I can't do it since I know "they" care and value nothing other than the dollar. Instead I will spend my money on buying fries at the local, family owned diners.


Vivacious Vegan said...

I really enjoyed this book also. Unfortunately, not everyone who reads it gets the same out of it. My brother read it and was just like, "Oh well."

Jen said...

I'm glad I voted for this book for the book club read! :o)


patrick said...

just watched the movie version of Fast Food Nation, it's an impactful flick to say the least... earlier today i passed up a sausage mcmuffin because of it.

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