Friday, February 09, 2007

Doing some reading

I have decided that it is time to really do some soul searching about why I have decided to go vegan (I am almost there) and was determined not to make this change in my life without getting to know why this is important to me. If this is going to be a lifetime change for me then it needs to change my life. A lot of time I think people make a change in their life without really knowing why and if you don't know why then it is hard to stay committed to that change. And I am not talking of the surface reasons, I mean the down deep reasons.

To start I have picked up some books recommended on Yeah that Vegan Shit One is The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams (this appeals to the feminist in me) and the other is The Way We Eat; Why your food choices matter by Peter Singer and Kim Mason. The other book that I am reading is Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

Fast Food Nation is up first and let me tell you, everyone should read this book. Everyone. Pull your head out of the sand and read this book. The history of how the fast food industry started is fascinating and the take over of the American diet and consciousness is absolutely frightening. The chapter on the IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) was jaw dropping. Now I really know why those fries do taste so good. Go ahead, read it. I dare ya.


Vivacious Vegan said...

I think what you're doing is great - not just going vegan but researching and learning more about it as well. The book that changed my life was Diet for a New America by John Robbins. It seems to be a life-changing book for many people. My husband didn't even read it. I read him some passages here and there while we were driving (long trip) and just from the few passages I read him his mind was made up as well.

Jen said...

The book that made me go veg was Dominion, by Matthew Scully. It's all about why Christians should become animal rights advocates and avoid eating meat/using animal products. Since Matthew Scully was a Republican, was George Bush sr.'s speechwriter, and the book review/interview was in Christianity Today, a primarily conservative christian magazine... I HAD to give it a try. I was blown away. Blown away. I remember calling Trace at page 7 and telling her I could never eat meat again. It is an amazing and moving book about why Christians need to step up to the plate and go veg. Two paws up, highly recommended. Bridge you would love it!


runswithdog said...

I am with VV. The book that did it for me was DfaNA. It made, what seemed to me, a radical, far out way of life, seem reasonable, do-able and even more so, an imperative.

bazu said...

Carol Adams had a huge impact on my thinking- I honestly can no longer separate the issues of animal cruelty and misogyny any more! And I just finished the Peter Singer book. I have yet to read fast food nation, but saw the movie-does that count? ;-) And, hmmm, I should add DfaNA to my list.

It was great meeting you!

Bridget said...

It was so nice to meet you too!

The book Fast Food Nation is different from Super Size Me in the sense it really takes you behind the scenes of the industry from how it started and all the compenents behind fast food. Basically they run the country. When it got to the meatpacking industry it made me cry. I just sat there and cried, not only for the poor animals, but for the people the industry was using up just like the cattle. Reading this book, I am going to try very hard not to patron any chain at all, not even for a quick order of fries or drink.

Looks like I have some other great books to add to my list.

Lindy Loo said...

Awesome that you're trekking through those books. I definitely do recommend Gail Eisnitz's SLAUGHTERHOUSE as well. That's actually the one that cemented my decision to go vegan. It's a fantastic and quick read and very accessible. Good luck to you. =)

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