Friday, February 09, 2007

Central New York made national news this week. We've had Good Morning America and the Weather Channel to cover the snow that has blanketed the region this past week. Ah it is good to be known for something...I guess. But seriously, it is central new york the snow capital so it really isn't all the surprising for CNY to get a bitch slap from mother nature. And damn she slapped the poor people in Oswego HARD. However, us folks in Syracuse haven't had it that bad. Yes the snow is up to the dogs buttholes, but as I have been saying all week, it could be worse, we could live in Oswego. Poor bastards.

Last night I turned on the Discovery Health Channel and caught the tail end of Sara Snow Health Living show that gave me some hope that vegeterian/vegan cooking could be making the main stream. Even though the woman looked similar to...shiver...Rachel Ray...(excuse me I just threw up in my mouth) she wasn't nearly as annoying as Rachel Ray. It does bother me the obvious ploy by the show to bring in a "mini me" version of Ray, but the content of the show made up for it. She talked about buying organic fruits and vegetables and supporting your local farmers. She did a recipe with soy and did a bit about using all natural cleaning products. It was a nice change.

This week wasn't all that exciting food wise. I did have a tramatic experience with my soy milk. Here's the thing. If you ever wonder if your soy milk has gone bad, just assume it has and throw it out. Don't do what I did and take a big ass gulp of it to find out because when it goes is bad. Imagine if you will you just coughed up mucus flem and it tasted like feet. That is what bad soy milk tastes like. Just thought you should know. Consider this a public service announcement. I did attempt to make sushi this week too and have to say I freakin' love roasted seaweed. However, trying to roll those little fuc*ers were hard! Rice everywhere, seaweed everywhere, curse words flying. Finally I gave up and just hand rolled the damn things. Still tasted good, just didn't look pretty. I would have taken pictures, but my camera batteries are dead. Next time I will get some pics because there will definitely be a next time.


All my tomorrows said...

'Twill take your advice on the soy milk thing...

OMG..Rachel Ray..I accidentally turned that show on the other morning and just kept watching because it was like a trainwreck...what is wrong with her mouth,is it stuck permanently into that weird smile by Botox or something,was my thought?


Sue said...

Hey did you forget that one of your running buddies has that much snow!!!! I'm only 20 miles from you!!!

I felt the same way watching Rachel Ray as All My Tomorrows did - It is like watching an accident!!!! I could not stop watching it, but kept on saying why am I doing this?? I had alot of time to watch since I was stuck in the snow!!! Also I even knew how many old games shows there was until I had a chance to watch them on the Game Show network!!!