Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tired old bones

Saturday was the dreaded long run day with the running group. It was time to up the mileage to 4.5. Shit. I felt like a gunfighter going off to a showdown -- will the west trail take me down or will I take down the west trail? Lets just say it was a draw and today I am feeling it.

One of my friends, Jen, just started running about a month ago. She and her greyhound Clifford joined us on Saturday. Jen stuck with Trac and Cosmo. All four of them did awesome. This was Jen's longest run to date and this was Trac's first LD after being sick for over a week. They started out strong and stayed strong.

My first .5 - mile is always hard for me for some reason. It takes awhile to get in the zone, to feel relaxed and comfortable. If after the first mile I don't get that feeling then I know I am so screwed for the rest of the run. Saturday was no different. I started out feeling like a hairball a cat coughed up. After the first mile I started to relax and entered the zone. The precious zone. Hello precious (doing my best Lord of the Rings impression).

I love the zone feeling. You feel like you are just gliding along, your body and breathing relaxed as you sink into the stride. BUT -- falling out of the zone hurts. At first you are stunned. Where did it go? It was just here? Where the F**K did it go!! as panic start to set in because you know it is gone. Saturday, the zone left my sorry ass around mile 4. After that it hurt. My back, my feet, my ass, everything. I don't know if I will ever be able to do a long distance run without a limb falling off.


runswithdog said...

We stayed strong? Ha....easy to do at a slothily 12 m/m pace. As it was, I did start to tire about 3 miles - glad I had Jen with me to keep me going. We did remark how good you looked when you passed us the first time. I don't know how your ass could hurt because you are so skinny, you barely have one!

Sue said...

Ok....Who are you fooling? The Saturday that I ran with you, You went flying!!! You had to be in the zone then. And I was stuck sing "Roll out the Barrel" three thousand times. OK I sang other Polkas, but only Jen would have known them.

I decided that it is going to be very rough doing Tip Hill, unless I get my butt going and get rid of this cough. (Yes, I'm belling aching!!!)

I'm trying to catch up, but the gang is going to blow me away on this race.....but I'm going to finish.

Jen said...

You did great.... you looked like you were floating when you ran!


All my tomorrows said...

Hahahahaha...this is the funniest post. I'm not laughing AT you, just with you...been there, have the t-shirt. Keep truckin'!