Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poor Sally

My old lady Sally had a tough couple days. Tuesday night I was in the kitchen putting dishes away when I notice her pacing around. It isn't out of the ordinary for her to be in the kitchen because she loves to see if something tasty fell on the floor. However, she seemed to be dancing. For a split second my inner voice told me she had to go outside. Sure enough she squats and pees right in front of me! When will I learn to listen to my inner voice? Anyway, I am shocked. This is not like her at all. I let her outside and sure enough she is running around the yard squating every few seconds to pee, with no pee. Yep. Sal has a UTI (urinary tract infection). Poor girl. Yesterday morning I called the vet and made an appointment for today at 10:40 a.m.

Now comes Poor Sally Part 2. I get home from work and let everyone outside. They go rip tearing out in the yard after a squirrel. I hear Sally yelp. Ah shit. She is walking around and not limping so I wasn't too worried. Everyone does their business and is ready to come in for dinner. I go out to inspect Sally to see if she is injured. As I am looking at her front paw, I look in between her toes and see a big puncture! Ah shit.

This has happened before to my dogs so I wasn't freaked out. Puncture wounds and scratches from all the sticks from the back wooded part of the yard. I usually keep it really clean with lots of antibotic ointment and it heals up nicely. But this one is different. There was blood coming from the back of her paw. I turn her paw over to look and sat there staring at it in disbelief --why can I see light? The stick went completely through the webbing of her toes! I could actually see right through her foot. So I immediately got on the phone to the vet and told them we have to move our appointment to immediately.

Sally is doing very well. No surgery, no stitches since it was a through and through. There isn't anything to sew up! AND she just missed the artery. We are doing a foot soak in this blue medicine 2 x a day and strong antibotics for the boo boo and UTI. Currently her nickname is swiss cheese.


Iowa Greyhound said...

Tell Sally to enjoy her rest at home and get better soon!

A greyhound's weak point seems to be their feet. Miss Long Nose has had three vet visits from this kind of thing. We've never had a stick go through the skin, ouch ouch!

IHateToast said...

ow! i had my fanny clenched and working button holes reading this. poor sally.

have you ever tried manuka honey? don't know if they get it in the u.s. it's a n.z. honey and works wonders.

can you get your dog to down a bunch of cranberry juice? how do they treat that? ow. poor thing.

Bridget said...

I will pass along to Sally everyone well wishes.

I haven't tried manuka honey? We have a huge holistic/health store in town that I will swing by to see if they carry it. Right now the wound is healing up great. Gotta love how quick greyhound heal. As for the cranberry, a friend of mine used to give cranberry pills to her grey. I was thinking of doing the same thing to see if that helps. Hell, I should take some too!

runswithdog said...

I think Sally should probably come back here to our house. We kept her safe here! LOL

All my tomorrows said...

Poor babe..hope she feels better soon.