Sunday, January 28, 2007

No-so-low fat snack

How does a good low fat snack go bad? You dip it in chocolate. And you enjoy every minute of it too.

I wanted to make some chocolate covered pretzels to take for a snack this week, but was too damn lazy to go to the store to get pretezels. But I really wanted something...then I remembered....we have a bulk supply of animal crackers! Ah ha! I love those Ah Ha moments.

Using a double boiler I melted some chocolate chips with a wee bit of soy milk and dipped those lovely bunnies, camel's, horses and sheep into the chocolately goodness to turn them into delicious no-so low fat, eat a handful at a time snack.

On another note, we bought new furniture today! Wooooohoooooooooo!!! Finally after 10 years we bit the the bullet and bought two new couches, a loveseat and chair. All are made of fake leather and just as, if not more, beautiful than real leather. The reason behind the faux leather is the dogs. We really need something that I can wipe the hair off and will put up with the wear and tear of greyhound laziness. I will post pictures when it arrives. The dogs are NOT going to be happy because their favorite futon is gone.

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