Saturday, January 20, 2007

A lesson in Coconut Milk

Last night was my first experience using coconut milk. It was a little scary. Yes, scary and yes, I led a very sheltered life not to have experienced coconut milk.

I was cooking up a batch of coconut red lentil curry soup. It called for a 15 oz of coconut milk, which I purchased on 1/13/07. Remember that date. I open the can and what I see is this solid paste? I poke it with a fork and there is liquid in the can, but it looked all nasty. What the fuc* is this? Is it bad? Is it supposed to look like it is has gone bad? It was can of white snot for godsake. I assumed it was bad so I looked at the expiration date on the can. Oh it expired baby, by TWO FREAKIN' YEARS!!!! It is expired in 2005. My grocery store is out to kill me. Alright that is stretching it a bit.

So now I am right smack dab in the middle of making my soup AND there is a blizzard going on outside. We live in the wonderful part of the city that falls in the middle of any snow band of lake effect that comes through. As I am in the kitchen cursing like Al Pacino in Scar Face I realize I have to go back to the store. Off I go. Driving off in the white abyass.

When I get to customer service I wasn't nasty or mean. It isn't their fault personally so no sense in taking it out of them. They are just teenager's working to make a few bucks. I ask for the manager and show her the expiration date. The look of complete horror and shock on her face was payment enough. She gave me the money back and gave me two free cans to replace. That is cool. I don't ever want to be one of those people who are opportunistic and want to get store stock for some expired coconut milk....well, unless they kill me, then yes, I would want a big payoff.

I get home open the can that doesn't expire till 2008 and what do I see? SOLID PASTE. Oh shit. So this IS how it is supposed to look like. Damn. Glad those cans where expired or else I would of felt like a great big AHOLE.


runswithdog said...

Makes you wonder what that solid blob of fat does to your insides! LOL Who cares? Coconut milk is the bomb....yummy!

Jen said...

Coconut milk! Ew! I have to say, the only good coconut is in a Mounds candy bar! :o)


bazu said...

That is a funny story. I love coconut milk, and yes, it is solid at room temperature. (It's a saturated fat for gossakes!)

All my tomorrows said...

Who knew? I am now aware. Thank you.

Matt said...

It's not all that uncommon for it to solidify like that. If you ever find that does happen though, heat it up gently, and stir it while it's heating up. That should return it to its typical liquid state.

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