Friday, January 19, 2007

Here is Looking at You Kid

Okay, normally I don't post kid pictures, unless they are of the four legged variety, but I had to put these pictures of my nephew on my blog. They just made me laugh so hard that I had to share. My mother-in-law was diganosed with cancer and lost her hair. My sister-in-law's and her thought it would be cute to try her wig on my nephew.

You just KNOW these pictures are going to haunt him during his dating years!


All my tomorrows said...

Hahahaha! That made me laugh out loud. How cute is that!

runswithdog said...

I so want a wig! I suffer from wig envy continually. Those ZsaZsa Gabor ads for her wig line are so enticing!

Jen said...



IHateToast said...

ha! keep copies so when he's in the "my parents embarrass me" phase and deletes/rips, you'll have plenty for the 20+ years.