Monday, January 29, 2007


A few days ago I wrote about how this was the week my brother passed away two years ago and all sorts of things came out on a public forum. There really should be a warning on drinking wine and blogging. Anyway, I decided that instead of remembering when Pat died, I will remember the days he lived. How he smiled, the twinkle in his eyes, and his love of laughter. He loved to make people laugh, even when the disease was at its worst. He didn't care. Life was funny and he wanted everyone to share in the joke. Just look at the twinkle!! Maybe it was because I was making fun of his Ohio State sweatshirt and told him he should be wearing a Syracuse Orange sweatshirt. I do believe his response was....Syracuse Sucks. He said that often.

Pat was not afraid to try anything new. During his healthy days he would snow and water ski, scuba dive, sky dive, rock climb and pretty much anything else you dared him to do. He wanted to experience it all. And damn it he did. That was lesson #1 I learned from him. Life is too short not to go out and try new things.

Lesson #2 was to laugh and make people laugh. Growing up I can remember he always had a ton of friends. He was like a magnet! People just wanted to be around him. I looked up to him so much and he was always proud of me. That I remember. He didn't push me aside as an annoying little sister (which in fact I was), but would let me hang out with him and his friends.

Lesson #3 was when there are things you can't change you deal with it and always be grateful. Although he was practically immobile and couldn't really speak except for a few words he still loved to have a good time. He would give people hugs (as much as he could), he would laugh and he would tease. When the nurses, doctors, or aides helped him he would always say thank you. Pat even said thank you to his hospice nurse. He was grateful. There are things that just suck in our lives, but there is so much more to be grateful.

So this week I am going to celebrate Pat's life, not dwell on his death and reflect on the lesson's he taught me.


bazu said...

I am really touched by this entry. The love you have for your brother is so obvious, as is the love he had for life. Please know that my thoughts are with you.

Jen said...

What a touching and sweet tribute, Bridge!


runswithdog said...

Ah crap. I can think of so much to write but when I do it, it sounds like all so much trite crap. I will just say 'ditto, what they said' *pointing up* :-)

All my tomorrows said...

He sounds like he was a great guy....38 is too young...I'm so glad you have such fond and happy memories of him. He's always with you. Remember that.