Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ultimate Bento

I don't know if I can wait till tomorrow to eat my lunch! This was so freakin' frackin' tasty I wish people could lick the screen for a taste - sort of a scratch and sniff concept - scratch and lick.

Lunch consists of a rice pilaf with some roasted brussel sprouts, green beans and red potatoes. MOTHER are these good. I used Wegman's (local grocery store) Basting oil - damn good shit. Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, garlic oil extract, thyme and parsley. I sprinkled some Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.

Second section is my half-assed version of a vegan waldorf salad. It came out fantastic - I was so surprised. Who knew! I cut up a sweet Gala apple, threw in some blueberries and blackberries with walnuts, added a little fresh lemon juice, sugar and veganise. This is something that is so easy that I can't believe this is the first time it hit me to make it. What the hell!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winter in Syracuse

This photo montage is inspired by Candi's blog and her snow pictures. Candi and her lovely daughter Britty will be moving to the North East and I wanted to share some photos of what they can look forward too! Evil snicker....

This is our backyard and this is Maggie. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why the hell she was truding through the chest high snow to the far end of the yard?!

Ah ha! This is why! She wanted to play 'snow blower' and run as fast as she can through the snow - one of her most favorite things to do.

Front of our house after a butt load of snow dumped on us - please note the mailbox and how we had to dig out a area to get it open.

Just a few Syracuse snow shots :-)

Tomorrow's lunch

Getting sick of seeing what I am having for lunch? Blame Trac!

We have here some brown rice w/onion, garlic and tofu and some delicious stir-fry veggies on top and for dessert, some Soy yogurt with sliced peaches and a sprinkle of cinnamon - not seen is my cheese and crackers.

Allow me for a moment to sing the praises of the Bento Box - it is fun to put together and come up with things to have for lunch. I can't believe I just said that - anyway, what is brilliant about this little lunch box is it makes you control your portions. You have just enough food to fill you up - not over the top, oh my God, I couldn't eat another bite full, but a wow, that was surprising I actually feel satisfied. See I was nervous looking at this teeny tiny box, thinking that there was no way that was going to get me through a day -- it has - oh happy, happy, joy, joy.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This morning I woke up to one of the sinus headaches that you just know is going to bring you to your knees as the day wears on. It is the kind that feels like someone is jabbing an ice pick in your right eye, while your neck muscles are being subjected to some sadistic Inquisition rack torture and the crackling sound going on in your ear from the fluid trying to seep out of your pores. Say it with me...SON....OF... A... BITCH.

I only get this type of headache when the weather is about to change. Judging from this one, the apocalypse is near. All I want to do is mutter obscenities over and over or jab a pencil in my eye. Hmmmmm....I am leaning toward the pencil.

Needless to say I did not go to the gym today. I was hoping to hit the pool for a swim. Haven't been in the water since the Triathlon in June. Took me that long to recover from that trauma!
Anyway, yesterday at lunch I ran an easy 2 miles and then met Trac, Shannon, Chris and Sherri for 2.5 mile run that had two bitch of hills. One was short and steep, the other, was a long, mother help me, what the hell, incline hill. What made it so bad was my warped philosophy on running hills. It is what I was taught when I was in high school by my cross country coach: lean into the hill, dig in, put your head down and plow your way up to the top. Of course you feel like you have a collapse lung once you get to the top, but you made it to the top. He used to take us out to a cow pasture with the biggest, badest hill and make us run up and down, up and down, up and down for at least 30-45 minutes. Sadistic bastard.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Bento - day two

This post is for Trac - I promised to take pictures of my first week of Bento lunches!

Spicy peanut noodles (yes, that is cayanne sprinkled on top), cheese and crackers, edamame, and kiwi and blackberries.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Indoor tanning

This weekend was beautiful sunny weather and the pups loved every minute of it.

My first Bento!

This is my first creation with my Bento Box - Trac bought me one for my birthday. Isn't it cute!!!

Here you see a greek salad, hummus, falafal's, crispy pita, cucumber & yogurt dressing, and some applesauce with blueberries.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The day after...

Another Thanksgiving has past and now we are being bombarded by all the tv ad's, print ad's, and just materialistic crap for Chirstmas. It seems to be getting worse every year - people getting up at 3 a.m. to wait in line for a store to open so they can be the first to get that 'tv' or 'video game player' or just to get 'stuff'. I don't understand it. Never did. Not even when I worked those 'dark' years of being a retail manager. Watching people march in and demand they get something, anything for free, or bascially for free. If they didn't get it, they would steal it. Sigh.

When I quit retail for good, I swore I would never, ever, shop the day after Thanksgiving. I swore not to be a part of the feeding frenzy of buying of material items in order to buy the Christmas spirit, to buy another happiness. And I haven't. Instead, I get up whenever the hell I feel like it, drink my coffee while mindless flipping the channels, get dressed, take the dogs for a walk and do nothing or something - other than shop. But my favorite thing to do is to sit down and put on the DVD of the Christmas Story. There are several reasons I love this movie so much, one it reminds me so much of my own childhood. The excitement as a kid waiting for Christmas, the look and feel of the house - but my favorite scene is when Ralphie wakes up on Christmas and looks outside and sees the beauty of snow and ice, and realizes it is Christmas. The joy, awe and excitement. I realize it was because of presents, but it was also something more.

Anyway, yesterday was a feast success. Only a few battle wounds - damn near took the tip of my finger off while cutting an onion, a nice burn mark on my arm from taking the turkey out of the oven (revenge from the turkey spirit I am sure), and an unexplained cut on my thumb? Don't know how the hell that happened? We all ate well, even the pups. They were going crazy while we were eating! Jackasses. John laying his head in the crook of your arm looking and drooling as you are trying to eat, Rimmy trying to sneak unseen on the side to steal something off the table, Maggie laying on the floor looking at you with big sad Moo Cow eyes, and Sally standing on the ready, ears all perked waiting for a piece of anything to accidently fall on the floor. Finally their torture of watching us eat ended and everyone got a nice bowl of Thanksgiving. Promptly followed by everyone, including me taking a nice long nap!

It was a wonderful day to feel and give Thanks to friends, family and animals. Truly a blessing.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving menu

Today is the day I start cooking starting with the pies. Since my husband is not a vegetarian and Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, we bought a turkey for him and the dogs. They will get a full Thanksgiving meal too. I felt awful buying the turkey. I don't care for Tofurkey so I will be eating just the veggies.


Roasted chickpeas, olives and veggies w/dip and Beer bread.


Bread stuffing
Sweet potato casserole
Roasted esparagus and brussel sprouts (Bill doesn't like fresh esparagus - only the canned so I have a small can for him. I know. gross)
Smashed potatoes
Green bean casserole


Pumpkin pie
Mincemeat pie (ick! This is for Bill too)

A lot of food for two people and four dogs!! Will post pictures of the pups eating their dinner :-)

Bad dog!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Rimmy scored the jackpot of eating 13 cupcakes he has been terrible with the counter surfing! Last night after my run I made myself a veggie burrito for dinner. When I came in the kitchen to put my plate in the sink I hear a noise from the living room. Rimmy is just finishing eating the rest of the TORTILLA WRAPS!!!! He ate all of them plastic and all. How many is that? 9-10? So this time he had to puke. Out came the bottle of HP and turkey baster. I made sure to get quite a bit down him to make sure he vomits. And vomit he did about 5 minutes afterwards. Thank God too! Everything came up - tortilla's, plastic and his dinner. The sheer volume was amazing. I was tempted to take a picture for my Blog, but restrained myself. If I didn't make him bring that back up, it would of been a definite trip to the vet. The tortillas were clumped together like big doughy bricks. No WAY he would of passed them.

Since he has gotten so bad, we are having to put everything up our butts. Thanksgiving I will have to put an barb fence up around the counter. Last night I had nightmares of Rimmy running through the house with a whole turkey in his mouth!

I did it!

Lately I have not been happy with my running performance and I am not sure if it is mental or physical. Last night I decided to try and run my scheduled 2 miles as fast as I could - push myself to the limit. I finished my 2 miles in 17.47!!! It was hard and my body was at its max at the end - chest burning, legs on the verge of cramping, but I did it. Now I know if I just push myself I can get back to where I was before.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yet another recap!

This past week was crazy busy! Had something every night after work and by the time I got home I was too damn tired to write.

Friday after work my hubby gave me my birthday presents and he made me a cake! What a sweetie. He bought me a great sports watch that has a heart rate monitor with it and a "big fat wallet." Seriously, that is the name of it. For over a year I have been using a plastic ziplock sandwhich bag for my wallet. It worked and was cheap! The only problem is that now I have to buy a 'big fat purse' to fit my ' big fat wallet' Ha!

Saturday was my long slow run with Trac. It was cold and it was hard. Even though she said we ran less than 3 miles it felt like a hundred. My legs were cement and it was just not a good run for me. Usually Trac is trying to keep up with me :-) Saturday I couldn't get my legs to go any faster to catch up with her!!! Since I am such a competitive bitch, this killed me. This winter I vow that I will get back to my 9 min. mile pace. It will be done....muuuuhaaawwwwww....

Saturday night Bill and I headed over to Trac and Andrew's for a FABO meal. For my birthday, she made the best soy grilled cheese that we dipped in a tomato sauce, her famous cashew chili, salad, and a wonderful chocolate cake with a middle layer of pudding. Damn it was good. I keep begging her to open her own vegan restaurant!! Jen came over too with the pups. We had such a nice time gabbing.

Sunday was the Jingle Bell run and Trac and I headed out to watch the 'other greyhound' girls run. They kicked and hauled ASS!!!!!!!! So proud of them. Again, being the competitive bitch I am, I am thinking...shit...I have GOT to get my ass in gear to keep up with this crew!!!

Later that night Bill took me to dinner at Rico's Italian restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a few vegetarian items on the menu! The meal was delicious and it was fun listening to the table next to us conversation :-) Isn't that terrible!!! But it was another woman's birthday and her boyfriend wasn't invited by her parents obviously. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.

When we got home from dinner I had to make cupcakes for the potluck lunch at work the next day. I made 22 cupcakes - not iced (thank God). At 5 a.m. on Monday morning - Rim Fire "Butthead" Lichtinger ATE 13 of the cupcakes - wrapper and all. WTF?!?!?!!?!/ I wake up to my husband yelling like a girl. RIM ATE HALF THE CUPCAKES!!!!!! It definitely was Rim because the other three hounds were in bed sleeping with me and Rim had the proof all over his teeth - chocolate teeth. I tried to get him to vomit with HP, but to no avail. He is a BIG boy - almost 100 lbs. Thankfully he is fine - just has really disgusting poops - but we are thankful he is pooping!!!!!! However, he is now obsessed with chocolate. If he even gets the idea there is chocolate around he goes nuts. What an ass. But I love him.

That is enough for now - more later about the thanksgiving menu!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend recap

Saturday started out with running with a running group that Trac got together. It was hard and it isn't getting easier. We did about 3 miles in 35 minutes. Bill decided he was going to run with us, but he is much faster and ran 4 miles, passing all of us on the way back. DAMN!!

Afterwards, we headed over to Trac's house for Bill to measure for Mally's ramp. With his corns and such, he has a hard time getting up the steps and Trac wanted a ramp so he would have an easier time of it. Bill finished that night and we took it over after we finished dinner. That thing is one solid ramp! It isn't going anywhere. As a matter of fact, if the house blew down the one thing standing would be the ramp! Trac had made pumpkin muffins and sushi! Of course, as soon as I got home I immediately sat down to eat the sushi. Why? Because it was there and I can't sit around knowing there is sushi in the refrigerator just waiting to be eaten.

While Bill was working on the ramp I finally decided to get my butt in gear and work on the Christmas quilt that I started a while back. Today - Sunday, I got it all pieced together and pinned and is ready to machine quilt! Thank God Bill helped me pin because it would of taken me hours to do it myself. Both of us now have sore thumbs.

This morning I was so proud of Sally and John. We took them down to a nursing home to visit some residents. DeeDee, who volunteers a lot of her time down at Birchwood used to take Cooper before he died. Although DeeDee and Pam haven't adopted another greyhound, DeeDee still likes to take greys down to visit the residents. When they dogsat for us this summer she took Sally, and Sally did really well. Anyway, John(his first time) and Sally were there for an hour and half. They were so good! Patient and gentle. John even gave a resident a kiss! It made her day. Both of them got lots of treats and pets. They loved it.


This past Thursday I had my first Reiki session. Reiki is a massage for your spirit. It was very healing and comforting. After my session, Betsy gave me this to read every day - it helps to center yourself in a not-so centered world:

Set the intention.
Listen to your inner voice.
Do your spiritual work. Pray. Meditate. Journal.
Begin to see things in your life differently.
Ask for dreams to come to you where you can see who you are and what you came to do.
Open your heart.
Let go of old resentments. Forgive, forgive, and forgive.
Clean up your physical body with eating the right foods, doing cleanses, thinking good thoughts.
Be in the now moment.
Be conscious of what percent of the time you are in the past or the future.
Spend time in Nature.
Commune with Mother Earth. Receive from Her.
Talk to the Creator. Let Him back into your heart.
When you do this you will begin to have everything.
See how simple it is and how powerful you are to be able to manifest whatever you need by doing it.
Honor yourself. Love yourself.
Trust yourself. And respect yourself.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wanted: Poster Boy for Road Rage

I really have to start carrying around a camera or some sort of video device.

On my way back to work from the doctors office I got stuck in construction. Not surprising because they are frantically trying to get all the road construction done before winter snow dumps on us. Anyway, the highway have signs of warning: Be Prepared to Stop - Slow Traffic Ahead - you know, that kind of crap to prepare you for the madding crawl of traffic.

I pull up behind this guy and something caught my eye. I could see from his driver side window that he was yelling. I am thinking to myself - WTF? I am looking all around for the person who may have caused this guy to go absolutely ape shit in his car. By the way, I didn't have to be a lip reader to understand the words being screamed. Now, why is this guy acting like someone just took a big dump on his car? Because he is stuck in construction.

At one point, I thought to myself - shit, you better not accidently rear-end this guy or else he is definitely going to kill you. I kid you not when I tell you that he went on and on and on and on in the privacy of his car with this temper tantrum. You would think he would stop? Calm down? Nope. Of course I am now just fascinated watching him from his side mirror - it is my own little show. Then it happens. Someone tries to cut in front of him. Have you ever seen a really pissed off animal in a cage wanting to tear your throat out? This was his relative. If only I could hear because I am sure I would have learned some new words.

I do have to confess at one point I almost considered calling the cops, but the guy didn't roll down his window, try to ram the other car, flip the bird, pull a gun, etc. He was just screaming in the privacy of his own car. He must be having one BAD day.

Pass out from laughter

It isn't only men who find bathroom horror stories so entertaining. Trac sent me a link to this blog entry:

This poor bastard. For people who have a sick sense of humor such as myself, you will laugh your ass off while being totally disgusted and full of pity.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Inspiring video

Please vote

Quick health update

Friday was the day I found out my test results and I am happy to report - NO CANCER. Yipppppeeeeee!!!! Course of action - nothing right now except another CT scan in Feb., to see if any changes. I can handle that.

Feeling great on my thyroid medicine - God love Synthyroid!!!! It is amazing how it feels to feel good! Really. I had no idea how fucked up I was for serveral months. How I didn't kill someone during that time is beyond me.

My new way of life of eating is also helping me feel dandy. I can't think of the last time I had processed food. This is another "what the hell was I doing to myself" moment. Since eating no meat and very very little dairy (still can't give up the cheese) I feel like a new person.