Thursday, August 31, 2006

First recipe!!

This is one of the recipes I made from the cookbook Trac gave me last night. It is called the Gazillion bean salad. It was soooooooo good. It made a ton and it was enough for two lunches. This one I had it with a soft italian bread, home grown lettuce and as a snack graham cracker sticks.

The weather is turning cooler so this week I am going to make a Sweet Potato & Pinto bean chili and Curry Cauliflower. Wish me luck!!

His and Hers

So my husband is not on board about going vegetarian for himself. That is okay. He supports me in my decision and we have decided that we will have to cook separately at times.

My dinner tonight. Pasta with a simple homemade sauce (tomato sauce, tomato juice, garlic, italian spices, a little brown sugar) and a salad with cucumbers and carrots.

My dear lovely husband's dinner that he made. Just looking at this makes me SO happy I went vegetarian. Nasty isn't it?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PS Hello Alyssa Dec., 1996 - Aug., 2006

This is my favorite picture of Alyssa because it really displays her queenly personality.

Tonight Alyssa got her angel wings. It was exactly 2 months to the day since her diagnosis of bone cancer.
We spent the day hugging and kissing her. She was my heart dog and I am going to miss her very very much. Bye Bye baby girl, until we see each other again. I hope she visits me in my dreams.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a Veggie day

Started out the day with a great walk with the pups and some good friends. I took Sally, Maggie and John because he was throwing one hell of a fit when I left. The two girls are slow walkers and John is fast paced so I wanted just to take the girls, but John was having no of it!

After the walk, my friends and I headed out to the 2nd annual VegFest in Syracuse. Since today is my 4th official day as a vegetarian I was excited to go to the festival.

We get to the VegFest and there was not a lot of people and I think it was due to the weather. It was cloudy and has been sprinkling on and off all day. There were a few tents of organizations handing out literature. My friends and I grab a handful from each place. A couple of them have recipes in them!! Woo hoo!! A lot had great information about the lifestyle and why people go vegan/veggie..the animals. There was one story in there that just broke my heart and too think there are many more stories just like it. So sad.

There were three tents that had food - one was Thai and I am kicking myself for not getting some, but I decided to try the bbq tempari. It was good and satisfied my bbq craving (a residual from the Fair the night before). After I had my tempari I was still hungry and only had $3 in my pocket so I decided to get a Veggie Dog for $2. BIG MISTAKE.

So far I believe I have been open minded about non-meat products, but this was by far the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth. It was the texture of clay and tasted like...oh god just thinking about it makes me want to throw-up. So I am standing there feeling like a contestant on a bad epidsode of Fear Factor, when Trac walks up and asks me what is the matter, and of course I can't talk for fear of projectile vomiting all over the place. She takes the veggie dog out of my hand and takes a bite. I was validated. It just wasn't me. The veggie dog was foul. Trac spit it out and agreed it was nasty. Whew! I was reassured that there are other faux dogs that don't taste like poo.

After the VegFest I headed out to the store to buy some groceries for my first vegetarian meal. As soon I got home from the store I went to work to make my Bridget's "What The Hell Is It" veggie concoction:

Russet potatoes; sweet corn (fresh from the cob), fresh green beans, veggie broth, onion, garlic, salt, pepper and Tofurky Italian sausage.

You know what? It is pretty damn good!!!!! Wow! Trac came over to drop off a present - my first veggie cookbook: The Clueless Vegetarian!! Full of EASY recipes (she knows me so well). Of course I was proudly showing her my dish and I gave her some to take home. Hopefully she and her hubby enjoy it (fingers crossed).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Great State Fair

I did it!!! Got through the New York State Fair without eating meat!!!

My husband and I headed out the New York State Fair today. I was pretty nervous because the Fair for us is all about food: Greasy, fried, heart clogging, food. Traditionally we head out and have ourselves a sausage sandwich from Giradelli's or bbq pork and/or chicken. This year, I sat and watched Bill eat his Giradelli's and didn't even drool. However, I won't kid you that is wasn't hard to pass by all those smells of bbq and not cave. But I did not. Instead, I had onion pedals (hot as hell and practically gave me 3rd degree burns on my tongue), roasted corn (this is my favorite food at the fair - it was juicy and sweet), falafel sandwich (I was never so happy as to see the King David cart, but I must say the falafel's weren't that good) apple pie (only one word...declious) and a Sangria Slushy (a 20 oz of delciously dangerous wine drink). Overall very filling and satisfying - physically and emotionally.

Day 3 - meat free!!!

Two more off the track

Trac and I went to Albany to pick up two greyhounds to bring back to Syracuse for one our local adoption group. They were DOLLS and if I didn't alreay have five I would have snagged the female - but I am not going to give details. I will save that for Trac's blog because she took pictures.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The rest of the family

This is our big 95lb baby, Rim Fire or Rimmy. He is a beautiful fawn momma's boy! Rimmy does not like being outside his home environment and does what we call 'frets' He will be quick to give you a nibble on your chin and is famous for his 'pop' when he meets new people.

Rimmy was almost destroyed because his previous owners didn't know how to handle off the track attitude. He was snap when you tried to move him. Thankfully he came to us and with some love and training he is a gentle giant.

Racing Name: JRS Rim Fire - Born Dec., 25 '99

This is our old lady, Sally. She will be turning 11 this September. Sally came to us at the age of 8 and no one wanted to adopt her because she was 'too old'. Sally LIVES for attention and just loves everyone she meets.

Sally was picked up on a highway by state patrol because the owner let her run loose. She was returned to the track and that is where I met her; in a cage begging for attention. I couldn't leave her behind so we took her in the van with the other greys going to rescue groups in Syracuse.

Racing Name: We don't know. All we knew was she was used for breeding at one time.

This is Maggie. Our sweet Mag Pie. She is always wagging her tail and loves to give kisses! Mag's is the laziest of the five. Here is a picture of her when she came home from getting a cast put on for her broken leg. She did it out in our yard! Maggie totally recovered from the broken leg! Thank God. And only has a slight limp.

Racing Name: Regall Ready To Go
Birthday Day: September, '98

And last, but not least, our John. John came to us when my friend died suddenly. He was fostering John because he was labled aggressive and was scheduled to be destroyed so Dale was his last chance. Dale often fostered and rehabilitated so-called aggressive dogs. John is one of his success stories. John is a well adjusted and sweet grey. He loves to play and enjoys going for walks and meeting new people. He is a blessing.

There you have it folks! The five crazy greys.

Alyssa Pupdate

Lyssie snoozing with her stuffed Octopus. It has now been two months since we found out she has bone cancer. She is still playing with her stuffies, eating well, and being bossy. I do have to call the vet on Monday to ask about a different pain medicine because the Metacam isn't holding out throughout the 24 hrs. You can tell at night she gets a little more uncomfortable because she really favors her leg. Doesn't keep her from begging for treats!!

Good and Bad

Day two and it was hard for a couple reasons. One reason is the defending of going vegetarian. It is like people are taking it personally? Why is that? Two, I ended up eating fish. Sushi to be exact. I brought in fresh lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers and mozzerlla cheese w/balasmic vinegar. It wasn't filling or satisfying at all. I am going to have to pre-plan lunch and start doing some research on easy, stress the word easy, vegetarian receipes. I am not know for my cooking that is for sure. Anyway, tonight for dinner I had salmon patties. Fish again! But I figured it was better than having beef or chicken. I am not a fish lover so I don't think it will be hard not to eat it, except I do love sushi. Good thing it is expensive.

Tomorrow I am going to hit the grocery store to plan my meals for next week. My husband is not going to like this because it means two separate meals. Any suggestions for easy to make meals are more than welcome!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One day at a time

Today was my first meatless day. Yep, you heard here for the first time. I am going to try to go vegetarian.

For a long time I have been thinking about changing because I KNOW where meat comes from, but wouldn't really think about HOW meat got to my plate. But now has come the time to pull my head out of the sand.

This is going to be extremely hard because I like meat and it is easy, cheap to buy and quick to make and it is everywhere! Plus I have no idea what to make i.e., vegetarian foods that will fill me up. It will be a learning process, but I have two great teachers - Trac and Jen.

Anyway, for some reason I chose today to start my meatless free lifestyle and I plan to log a food diary in my blog everyday. I am hoping this will keep me on the straight and narrow if I have to write it down somewhere.

This morning I had oatmeal with brown sugar, soy milk and strawberries. Then a friend brought in delicious Baklava so I had that as my morning snack. Lunch was a hard one. I attempted to make a wrap sanwhich of tomato, fresh mozzerella with balsmaic vineger. It wasn't very good because I put the vineger on in the morning and by lunchtime my wrap was soggy mess of goo. Ick!!! So I decided to go to Syrajuice that has vegan food. When I got there the little meat devil was on my shoulder tempting me to get the BLT wrap instead of the Vegan Chicken wrap. It was a battle - back and forth, back and forth until I got up the cashier and ordered the vegan chicken wrap. I was so proud of myself for overcoming the 'devil'.

Later in the evening I had a training session for my student workers. I didn't touch the pepperoni pizza but has the cheese instead.

So today is the beginning. I just hope I don't CAVE!!! Thank God the VegFest is this weekend to help me keep the veggie path.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

They are baaaaaackkkkkk!!

Today was move in day on campus. I didn't realize this until I was stuck in horrific traffic. 45 freakin' minutes to get to work. Monday is the first day of classes. Where did the summer go??

Great weekend

This weekend Bill and I headed up to Erie to visit relatives. It was my first time meeting my 6 mth old nephew, Jack. He was the cutest, happiest baby I have ever met!!! I couldn't keep my hands off that chubby bundle of joy. He would just sit and smile and giggle. It didn't matter to him that we were passing him around like a hot potato! Jack seriously made me think about having a baby. Then the feeling past :-)

On Saturday Bill and I ran in a race. Bill did the 10k and KICKED BUTT. I did the 5k and kinda of sucked. My slowest time of the summer season. Damn. My cousin-in-law Alex ran his first 5k, which he didn't train for and did fantastic. Alex is 18 and looks like he just stepped off a Calvin Klein ad. And to think he was so little when Bill and I got married and now he is all grown up!! It makes me feel soooo old.

Later that evening we met everyone for dinner and had a wonderful time. We ate at a local, hole in the wall restaurant that had the BEST food. It was cheap and good! The wine was even good. The best part of this place was it had it own liquor store out back. You ask the bartender to meet you out there and you can take some booze to go. Brilliant! The waitress was super, even if she dropped an onion ring on my head. She was standing behind me and was passing a plate to Bill's aunt sitting across of me, well she jerk the plate back quick and a shower of rings landed on my head. Bill's aunt said that I could have them. :-)

I love visiting Bill's family. They are so close and have such a special bond. They don't pretend or put on acts. They are just genuine and they are a hoot to boot.

Monday, August 21, 2006

That's My Boy!!

Just got back from a wonderful weekend in Erie visiting with my husband's relatives. More on that in another post. Well I go to pick up John at Trac's house and she filled me in on his antics. Of course she posted it in her blog It includes photos of the crime scene and a video of John playing the yard!!

He had such a good time that I don't think he wanted to come home.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

We lost :(

Tonight was the championship softball game and we lost. It was the first time in 9 years we even made it to the playoff's!!

We started off great, but after a few really bad calls from these some called Umpire's, which we will call CHUMPires from now on, really put us in a bad place. First let me describe the first CHUMPire, who constantly mumbles to himself behind the plate. He is a little off and he doesn't know the rules of the game. I thought for a second there was going to be a bench clearing for one call. One of our runner's hit home plate and the catcher tagged him, BUT DROPPED THE BALL. Now in any other sport in the US this would mean he was safe and scored. No. Not this time. He called him out. Hello! Read the rule book!! If the ball is dropped then the person is safe. There was a lot of yelling, cursing and kicking of dirt from our side. However, my favorite moment was when our pitcher on the mound asks him how many out's there were, and the CHUMPire looked confused. He said there was one out. Then he thinks there are no outs, but he has one out on his clicker? What does he do? Ask the opposing team! "How many outs do you guys have?" They say "none" CHUMPire said "Okay, no outs" as his fixs his clicker!!! Meanwhile myself and a couple other people are holding some of our team members back from taking a bat to his head.

Now to the second umpire. He is about 100 years old and likes to smoke on the FIELD. Yes folks he was token up on the field. But the best part was his ballet dance of out signal. What? Safe or Out? Frist he decided safe...oh really out. WHO HIRES THESE PEOPLE?


I thought when I reached my 30's that the high school, bitchy, petty, bitter games that people play would stop. It doesn't. And me and my friends must be pyscho magnets for these supposedly grown adults to target.

It must be a mental illness for people, right? An obession for attention? In this case I think that is it. This person who will remain nameless, can't stand being ignored and must have attention, even it is negative. Boy, I thought I was screwed up, but this woman takes the cake!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Professional Squirrel Chasers

Lately I have been wondering if Alyssa's leg was getting worse from the bone cancer. The pain meds do not seem to be working as well as it was before. She has been limping a little more and holding her leg up. Each day I am scared that she will be leaving us soon. Then she does something that tells me she will be around for a little while longer.

Before I leave work I let the pups out in the big yard for a final potty break till lunchtime. They love going out to the big yard especially now since the squirrel population has exploded! This morning I must of counted about 10-12 in the yard working very hard to prepare for winter. So all the pups are at the fence just drooling and quivering to get out. Just watching them I could imagine how they were at the race track ready to be let out of the starting box.

Since the big yard is so wooded I try to let them out of the gate one by one so we don't have any accidents. Before we created the small dog yard we had many visits to the emergency vet with torn open feet, legs and two slid into trees! All because they BUST out the back door in a full speed run and hit every branch and twig on the way.

I let John out first, boom off he goes, then I see Alyssa. Ears all perked ready to go. I let her out and boom off she goes in a FULL RUN!!! Of course I am having visions of her snapping her leg and was yelling be careful. She ran after this squirrel, chased him up a tree and then jumped up on the tree! That's my girl. She was so happy and even if she did break her leg at the moment it she would of done it doing something she loved. Running.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New and hopefully improved!

5 crazy greyhounds has a new look! And I finally figured out how to add links. It only took me 45 freakin' minutes and it gave me a headache looking at all that code blabbling (no this is not a word in the english language - or any language).
This morning I was walking out of the parking garage to go to work when I see Tracy, who works in the records office, standing on the corner holding a big ass axe and bolt cutters. I told her I knew work was bad, but no need to bring an axe! She said the stuff fell off the fire truck that just went flying by and she had no idea what to do with them. Then a guy came up to us and said another axe fell off down the street. So Tracy, Andrea (who also used to work in the records office) and I headed down to retrieve the other axe. On our way we saw the fire chief driving down Marshall street looking for the fallen equipment. I was trying to wave him down, but I don't think he saw me. Just as we turned around we see a Syracuse cop. So I frantically start waving and he comes over to us. We explain what happened and the look of total glee on his face was priceless! He had a big grin on his face and told us that cops love to give fireman a hard time and this was going to be good. Then the cop said, oh look, here comes the fire chief now. The chief drives his car up and has this look of a beaten puppy and thanked us. He was not happy the cop had the equipment. LOL!!! And both of them were very cute too! I just love men in uniform. Sexy. Anyhoo, I hate to be the guys on the fire truck that dropped that equipment!!! They are going to get a serious ass chewing.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The 5 crazy greys are pooped today! This morning John and Rimmy went to the big greyhound walk and had a lovely time. Rim enjoyed walking along peeing on every single tree and bush along the way.

While I was out with the boys, my hubby took the girls out for a walk. Maggie, Sally and Alyssa were so happy to get out. Bill said they went slow and Alyssa did really well.eRSFRT Sorry about that little typing fart. My cat Willie just jumped up on the arm of the couch and Mr. snotty John just tried to bite him!!! I know he was startled but he didn't have to try to bite him!!! Good thing Willie has a very thick layer of fat on him. He was fine other than being a little wet from John's spit. Now John is upstairs sulking because I yelled at him. It is never dull around here.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh what a flood we had today at work. I work at a University and my office is down the hallway from several computer clusters with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Well....this morning I come in to work to find the hallway leading to the computer labs and the lobby of the professional gallery was completely flooded. Apparently somone forgot to turn the water off in the utility sink in the janitors room. Ooops. It took a team of 5-6 members of the University custodial staff with their water vacs to get it cleaned up. They told us that another 20 minutes later that the water would of reached our office.

No one of course was owning up to who left the water running, but everyone knows who did it. He started at the beginning of the summer and really hasn't been doing a good job and does creepy things. For instance I have walked in the women's restroom to find him walking out of a stall!!! WTF? He is cleaning, but he doesn't prop the door open or put a sign up. This isn't the first time either. All of us miss Mikey so much. He was our janitor for years and we all loved him. We used to sit and shoot the shit with him all the time and the stories he would tell!!! Oh my. One of these days I will put a few in my blog. And trust me when I say they are good stories!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

This is my boy John! Isn't he cute. And no he isn't pregnant. He just looks that way because of how he is sitting. John is going with me to Dewey this year. I think he is going to have a blast and I can hardly wait to see him on the beach. It will be bittersweet this year because my Alyssa won't be with me. She has gone with me to Dewey for the past 3 years and she always loved it. One on one time with me, and she loved sitting on the beach smelling the ocean. I can't believe that soon she won't be with me anymore.
I am so screwed. Next Sunday I am supposed to be running a 10k with my husband. Well after today's 4 mile run that just isn't going to happen. It started out great. My legs felt good, my breathing wasn't labored, then boom at the 2.5/3 mile mark I ran out of gas. My whole body just shut down. It was like someone pulled out the battery and I couldn't get my legs to go any further.

This is very discouraging and it pisses me off. I never had this problem before and I think it all goes back to my thyroid. 4 weeks ago I had radiodine treatment to get my thyroid to stop working and overproducing hormones. It must of worked because now I am as weak as a kitten. Bastards. I used to be able to run 4-6 miles easy and this was BEFORE my treatment. It isn't like I just decided to go and run 4 miles today. I exercise at least 3-4 times a week and I worked my ass off to get in shape for a Triathlon this past June. Which I completed. It is August and I feel like I am back at square one. Maybe I should give up. Sigh.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I have been very bad about writing in my blog. Only because most days I feel like there isn't much to say or I am really bad at putting my thoughts down on virtual paper.

Last week I had some weird type of intestinal bug. It was awful!! Last Saturday afternoon it was like a light switch. Hello! Your intestines are knocking. Three days of saltines, tea and a water. Then, like a switch I felt better and could eat solid foods again. It must not of been contagious because my husband hasn't come down with it. Thank God.

Alyssa is hanging in there. Last week we had a scare. Her leg got this swelling of fluid and I thought it was coming to be the time. But the next day the swelling was better and then the day after that it was gone! Very weird. She has her bad days and good days. As long as her good days keep outweighing the bad days.

Today was just gorgeous! Weather couldn't have been more perfect. I headed over to Artichoke's house to help with her garage sale, and then Trailhoundz came by to hang out too. We sat outside on the couch and just shot the shit. It has been a long time that I have just hung out with the gals.