Thursday, July 13, 2006

Doctors suck!!! Last week I had a radiation iodine treatment done for my hyperthyrodism. The whole procedure is a pain in the ass. It takes two days and then you have to do all these precautions, such as, have to sleep in the guest room for 10 days, eat off plastic utensils and not use a public restroom. Whatever.

So I get the treatment and they neglected to tell me a few things. One of which is that my symptoms would get worse. That would be a good thing to know! Jackasses. Today I thought I would have to go to the emergency room. It started with the feeling of being a lab rat on crack cocaine spinning maddly on its cage wheel. Frantic, spastic, crazy. My heart rate was in the 100's, I was flushed and my eyes are very red and very irritated. Lately I haven't been sleeping well either. With all this I call my doctor to find out this is normal and why haven't I been taking the medicine perscribed weeks ago to treat heart palpatiations and anxiety. BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW I could. Judas Priest. This is my declaration. If I die from a heart attack or stroke be sure to use this in the court room for the lawsuit.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nine years ago today I was saying "I do" in a small church in Ohio. And you know, sometimes it seems like yesterday we were married. My hubby is the perfect guy for me because he puts up with my crazy ways and adores animals! He even carries pictures in his wallet of the dogs. Needless to say today I feel very lucky to have married my best friend.

Maggie got her cast off today!!! Doctor Paul came in the room and started giving Mags kisses on her head and at the same time she was nibbling at his beard. It was very touching. Then Doctor Paul took the cast off and watched her walk a bit. Mags did put weight on her foot, but was walking on her tippy toes. Paul wants her on pain meds for few days and the only reason we should have to come back is that she doesn't use that leg for 2 days in a row. We are going to say lots of prayers that doesn't happen!

Today is a very rainy, rainy day. In this weather the dogs do not want to go outside. I practically have to boot their asses out the door. This morning somone pooped in the family room!!! There is no way I am going to figure out who with 8 dogs in the house. I am praying that Bill doesn't come home from work to a huge mess. Not a good way to start out our anniversary night. Egads.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11th and Lyssie is doing well. Everyday we do a little chant -- Cancer, Cancer go away so Lyssie can stay another day!! She is still mooching (more than ever) and talking away. I don't know what I am going to do without her :(

Thursday friends of our dropped off their pups, Zag, Spencer and Jonna for the week. So that makes 8 hounds in our house!!! We are a kennel!!! Trying to get everyone dishes ready for dinner and giving who needs what medicine wise proves to be a big production. Everyone is very patient, which we are very thankful!

Our house guests are so damn cute and sweet. Last night we had some pretty bad thunderstorms come through around 11 p.m. Well Zag is very thunderphobic and I thought for sure he was going to have a heart attack with the heavy stress panting. Spencer must of gotten concerned too because he went over to Zag's bed and laid right down in front of him and sort of lean against Zag. Spence was comforting Zag!!! It was so freaking cute!!!!!

Crap. I have to get back to work :(

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Here is the update on Lyssie. She is being spoiled rotten. Everything the little princess wants...gets.

Friday after dinner Bill and I took the boys, Rimmy and John for a walk. Rim is so funny because he literally struts down the street. You can practically here the Saturday Night Fever song playing. All he needs is some gold chains and he would be all set. John on the other hand just wants to go. He is on a mission, but he is a little quirky too. He doesn't like to get ahead of Bill and Rim and will look back or wait for them to catch up. So we get home and I decided to take Lyssie for a ride since she can't go for a walk. We went to Joann's, then I stopped at Big Lots and got her two toys. A pink Barbie squeaky bone and a grunting Shrek doll. When we got home she wanted to go for a walk soooo bad so we did. Just a little one.

I wish I had a picture of the look on the dogs faces when we walked in and Lyssie had her two toys. It was like "What the hell?!" ROFLMAO!!! To ease my quilt they all got a nice treat. Bill even took our old gal Sally out for a special little walk. Everyone got a little one-on-one time.

Today Bill and I worked in the yard. Putting in flowers and trying to make our house look decent. With everything going on we have sort of neglected things, such as the yard. I bought some beautiful flowers, a nice new planter and a really pretty blue wind chime. Since we were outside the dogs were having a fit. Well only one. Guess who? Yep. Lyssie. I drag out the x-pen and a blanket and put it under the tree out front. Put Lyssie in it and she was a happy camper. She just sat inside smelling the wind and watching the world go by. I took a snap shot of how beautiful she looked in my mind. The white face, the nose twitching, the look of contentment in her eyes. Beautiful.