Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mother of god is it hot outside. How did this happen?! Why is it that we go from 70 degrees to 100 in a matter of a day. I am so envious of people that have central air and I am seriously considering bringing all my dogs to Artichoke's house who has central air :-)

Bill and I had a very productive weekend. We finished re-doing the porch and it looks great. I am very happy with it and don't want to hide it by shutting the blinds so people can't see out there. It was a bitch to pull up the carpet and both of us scraped up our hands pretty good doing it. But we got it out of there and put down some tiles. Looks so good.

On Sunday Bill ran his first 10k in Fayetteville and kicked ass. He finished in 59 minutes which is under a 10 minute mile. Yea!!!!!!!!!! It was so great to be there (and not be a runner).

And here is the BEST Sangria recipe:

1 bottle of cheap Cab Sauv. (I used Yellow Tail)
1 lemon - 1 lime - 1 orange (cut in slices and squeeze the juice in the Sangria then put the slices in)
2 good shots of gin
4 cups of ginger ale
1 small can of pinapple (with juice)

Mix it all together and pour of LOTS OF ICE. You are supposed to let it sit for 24 hours to get the flavors to blend, but if you can put lots of ice in so you can have it right away.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wow it has been awhile since I posted. This week has been a weird one. One of my co-workers last day was last Friday so this was the first week without her around and my other co-worker (really boss) went on vacation. So it was just little old me and my student worker I started training on Monday. Her name is Erin and I really like her. She is very smart and wanting to do more than just the typical admin work. She works her internship during the morning and comes in the office in the afternoon. She is catching on very quick...thank goodness.

Erin encountered her first obnoxious alum. This girl comes in and heads right over to the computers that you have to check in with the front desk before you start using and starts 'digging' in the files to find internet access. Uh excuse me!!! I don't allow students to use the internet on the computers because they hog it and we need it for other students to use the networking and internship database, not to mention there are a million computer clusters on campus. Anyhoo, she was very rude!! I let her on for 5 minutes and had Brian the computer guy come down and take the access off. HA! The worst part was she said "I am an alum and I know Karen and Lynn" I wanted to say...I know them too and don't give a shit.

Today wasn't a total loss because I met up with my two buds...Artichoke and Spudhound to a little letterboxing during lunch. It felt great to get outside and we were first finders too!!! Love that. Spundhound too her grey Bailey. In order to get to the letterbox we had to cross a creek and Bailey decided to go in the water and it was gross water. He is a fawn colored but when he got out he was black from the sludge and he kind of smelled too. Oh well. He had a great time.

Then this evening I meet up with Artichoke to take a cycling class. Whew was it a hard ride!! Felt good.

Tomorrow is the day for my CT scan. Can hardly wait to get this over with. Part of me doesn't want to say anything to anyone, but then again I am like why? If I keep it to myself then that means something is wrong. If I tell people then nothing is wrong. Is that weird way of thinking?

Tomorrow is also the day we get our family room carpet cleaned!!!! Thank god because it is starting to get pretty ripe in here with all the dogs that have come tromping through here. Gotta love Stanley Steamer.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sushi. The most additive food on the planet. Why? Have no clue. Recently I have become addicted to the Blu Monkey Cafe that makes Sushi here on campus. For being raw fish it is pretty damn tasty, especially with the wasbi. Wasbi is a VERY VERY strong horseradish that just a teeny weeny bit will clear out your sinus. Mmmmmm....good. Today I brought something for lunch, but the call of sushi is too strong. Damn the Blu Monkey!!!

On other news. We are dog sitting two greyhounds, JR and Lexis. Both are about 13 yrs old and so good. JR is hysterical because he is such an old man and stubborn!! He eats when he wants to eat, goes out when he wants to go out and is just and overall tool, but I love him! When he gets all spry with trying to run around and be silly it just cracks me up! Lexis is such a sweet and gentle girl. She just wants pets and kisses. They go home on Sunday :( However my guys will be happy to get the family room back.

The phrase of the day....thank god it is Friday.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Why are people such snots!!!! I have been interviewing for a clerical position in my office for the summer. All the candidates were very good and I could only extend an offer to one. This morning I had to email everyone that didn't get the job. I hate that. This is why I would suck as an HR person. The girl that I did hire is going to be good. She came in a suit, was prepared and had a outgoing personality. Anyhoo, I just get a call from a girl that didn't get an interview and she was so rude. Man I am making it a point to remember her name.

It is 2 p.m. and it feels like 10 p.m. Just had a snickers bar and it was delicious!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yesterday I had my appointment with the Endocronlogist about my thyroid. Verdict. Hyperthyroidism and Graves disease. That explains all my eye problems! Thank god I don't have the Marty Feldman buldging eyes. The medicine I will be on will help that and we will play it by ear on how to treat the Graves.

So last night and this morning I took this medicine that is a Beta blocker and is to help my symptoms (high heart rate, palipations, eyes, etc) What sucked is this morning my chest got really tight and I started coughing a lot. I called the doc and one of the side effects is it could constricts the lungs. Hence why they told me NOT to take this medicine right before a workout. Not good. I stopped taking it, and now have started my thryroid medicine - Tapazole.

The bottle reads take 2 tablets once a day. So I did. Now I think I should of taken one. I was going to go out for a little run, but I can't because my heart is beating like a freight train! Tomorrow I will take one in the AM and PM. Tha should work..right? My plan is to run in the morning, swim at lunch and go to a cycling class in the evening. This will catch me up on my training.

Today I had an appointment with my eye doctor for a re-check and while I was there I bought new glasses!! They are so cool!! On the sides are little tiny fake diamonds. The best part! They come with clip on shades. They should be ready by the end of next week. Wooo hoooo I can see again while driving.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sad news. Bab's has Cancer.

Fly free baby and tell Dale we said hello.
Yesterday was a very busy day. At 9:30 a.m. I met friends to take our greys for a walk at Onondaga Lake Parkway. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day. I took Rimmy, John and Maggie -- Bill stayed home and took the two senior girls, Alyssa and Sally on a walk. Good thing he did because they never would of make the walk at the parkway because we did 4 miles! Rim, John and Maggie were exhausted! Since Bill's leg was sore from the major charlie horse he got on his run in the morning the walk he did with the two girls was nice and slow. Which was great for them because they could sniff all they wanted, pee a 100 x's and basically do what they wanted. They were pooped too. Tired dogs are happy dogs :-)

I didn't get home from the walk until 11:15. Then had to turn around to be at Trac's house at 12:30 to meet her and Wen for a 19 mile bike and 20 minute run. However poor Wen forgot her helment at home. We did NOT want to tempt fate and have Wen bike on busy roads without a helmet. Just thinking of something happening to her makes me sick to my stomach. So we decided to head out to her place in the country to do our ride. We did 15 miles and there were some killer hills in there. I am getting the hang of my gears, but will still have to practice. The downhill still get me a little nervous going that fast so what I do is 1. stop pedaling or 2. put on the brakes. That is going to stop. In order to get up a hill you have to have a lot of momentum. After we get back to Wen's house we drop the bikes and do a mile run. The beginning to get your legs going is really really hard. You are running fast, but you sure in the hell don't feel like it!! I did my mile in 8:24....WTF? Trac did her personal best of 9:28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit. She was hauling booty!!!! I was sooooo damn proud of her. She was feeling it, but if we can just get her to pace herself she can do a 10 - 10:19 mile. Wooo hooo. Wen came up fast and if she had her knee brace on I think she would of been faster.

Went home, got a shower and cleaned up to meet a friend for dinner at the B'ville diner. DAMN it was good. I know I am the only human being on the planet who likes Liver and Onions, but it is good. Thankfully the had it on the menu and it was delicious. Mmmmmm.....good. Then it was pecan pie for dessert. Needless to say I could hardly move after dinner.

Today is our student worker party. I have 3 of them graduating and I am going to miss them a lot. They are great kids and will go far in this life. It is going to be so sad to see them leave. We are having tons of food, dessert and champagne! Tonight I will be running it off.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is it Friday yet? I am so ready for the weekend. Saturday I am playing in a kickball tournament!! I loved kickball when I was kid...or was that dodgeball? Either way it sounds like fun. The tourney is a fundraiser to raise scholarship money for the Bill Leaf fund. He was a guy cut down so young by a drunk driver. Bill was a graduate of SU's Newhouse School and was best friends with one of former student workers. It is just so sad. It is supposed to be decent on Saturday so I hope they raise a boat load of cash.

Speaking of student workers. My summer help fell through. He negelected t tell me he can only work till June 30th. Well that does me NO good once so ever. I put out a call on our listserv and I have gotten quite a few responses. However some of them need to be smacked in the head. They approach me with attitude of...this will work great for me...me...me..me..me. Ummmm...I don't care if it works for YOU. Jeez Louise.

On the medical front. Got a call from my primary physican AGAIN. When I got the message I thought for sure it was to re-schedule my appointment. I was wrong. They noticed some scarring on my right lung and want to do more x-rays. Just peachy. What the hell else can be wrong!? Why did I get a physcial in the first place? The saying is soooo true...ignorance IS bliss.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mentos video...enjoy

Did you know that if you put Mentos (the candy) in a bottle of Pepsi it will explode? The Pepsi comes shooting out of the bottle like 'Old Faithful'. I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. The people that work next to our office found this out by watching a video and decided to try it out themselves. So on their lunch hour they bought the supplies and taped their experiement. What they did was make a tube to shoot the Mento's down to the Pepsi bottle. It didn't work as well as they thought it would so they came up with another plan. The time tape the tube to the bottle! Ah ha! It did work better, but they still aren't satisfied. Next step is to put a piece a paper between the bottle and the tube. Put the Mento's down the tube, shake the bottle, remove the paper so the Mentos go down and BOOM a Pepsi explosion. They haven't tried it yet because they had to go back to work. I am a little nervous that it may work too well this time. They're crazy.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Had my appointment with the dentist. I have to say I really like my doctor. He is very nice and funny. I have known his sister for years and humor definitely is in their genes. So he takes a look and I got a little worried because of the puzzled look on his face. What he thinks is wrong is a blocked salivary gland. How the hell that happened I have no idea. And I didn't know that salivary glands can get stones! Weird. Anyway, he gave me some strong antibotics and heavy duty Motrin. I head back in a week to see how things are going. On the 9th I have two doctors appointments and this is pretty upsetting to me because I am 1. never sick 2. always very healthy. Damn it.

On to a lighter topic. Today is yet another beautiful day in Central New York. Woo hoo. I am going to meet Trac later for a bike ride. Hopefully this one will be a little easier than the last one, but I doubt it.

Started to clean up the dog yard buy moving some of the straw out to the woods. It was pretty gross because of all the pee. eeeeewwwww. I think I am going to have to just toss the rest and it is going to take me forever to clean up. If I remember correctly I used about 8 bales of straw. Again. Forever to bag.

Monday, May 01, 2006

What a beautiful weekend. Yesterday's was...dare I say it...hot. Man I loved every minute of it.

Yesterday I went letterboxing with Trac and Jen. We had a blast and we ended up walking away with about 19 stamps. That is a good letterboxing day. We took Cozmo and Angus along and they were two tired pups at the end. On the ride home I don't think Cozmo eyes opened even an teeny bit. He was crashed out hard. But I do have to tell this one funny thing about MoMo. On the way up to Auburn he had his head out the window. I look back and all I see is his botttom lip flapping in the wind. It was hysterical. All you see are these billy bob teeth and horse lip flapping.

Tomorrow off to the dentist to figure out why I have this lump under by cheekbone. Yet another doctors visit. And I am only doing it because Tracy would KILL me if I didn't go.