Saturday, April 29, 2006

Today was my first official bike ride and it KICKED MY ASS. Good news is that I didn't fall, mame or injure myself. Before I left for Tracy's house I told Bill that if I didn't come back alive to feel free to re-marry. He didn't find that very funny.

Trac and I got on our bikes and it takes me awhile to get my damn feet clipped in particulary in the beginning. We did 11.5 miles. My legs were killing me. It was a little scary on the road with busy traffic. When you have to pull in to traffic is even scarier. Here you are trying to hurry up to pedal and get your feet clipped in while there is a line a cars behind you. After today I have an all new respect for cyclist and will go out of my way to be kind and cautious while they are on the road.

After our ride we did a 20 minute run. All of this is part of the training for the Triathlon with is approaching waaaay to fast. When we started it feels like your legs are sandbags!!! But we did our first mile in 10.30 but it felt more like 15.30. Go figure.

Tommorow I am very excited to go letterboxing with my two best buds. We have so much fun and it is supposed to be gorgeous!!!! When the three of us get together there will be lots to tell in my blog. While I am out letterboxing my hubby will be visiting his horse friends...Shane, Mariah and Charlie. He doesn't ride, but goes to hang out and groom Mariah. The dogs love when he gets home because of all the smells.

Till tomorrow...

Friday, April 28, 2006

I am going to keep count of how many times I fall on my bike. 2 times today. Only thing hurt is my pride.
Today Trac and I picked up our bikes. It was great and the shop gave me a great deal. The bike runs like butter. Well at least for the 5-10 minutes I was on it. I got all the gear too. Helmet, tire repair kit, extra tube, speedometer, and that is about it. Trac talked me out of buying gloves. Damn I should have because I would feel like a real cyclist. Anyway, they took off my kick stand so I don't look so much like a rookie. HA! Now that is a joke because I am the poster child for rookie. Here is why. We went out to the parking lot and I wanted to try my bike. Now mind you when you clip in the bike you sure are shittin' are clipped in there nice and tight. First off it took me about 10 minutes just to figure out how to pedal and get my second foot clipped in the pedal. Damn near shit canned myself. Finally I figure it out but it takes a struggle for me to get my fuckin' foot in the fuckin' pedal. Very frustrating. Now I am pedaling around the parking lot and here is the tricky part. Getting out of the pedal. You would think this would be easy. No. It is awkward and I am sure it will get better with time. That is if I don't break something. At first I did okay. Then I forgot which foot I unclipped - which was my right - leaned to my left and fell flat on my back in the parking lot. WHAT A JACKASS. Trac tried to catch me and she did lighten my fall for me and I thank her for that. Man I was laughing so damn hard I had tears coming down my face. Meanwhile Trac is scared to death that I am going to kill myself on this bike. Hopefully that won't happen. Right now it is riding in the neighborhood until I get used to biking the real way.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Every since I started training for a Triathlon my body is falling apart. Lets count how many things are wrong with me. 1. Exercise induced asthma 2. low blood count 3. MVP - mitral valve prolapse 4. hypo or hyperthyroid 5. infection of the eyes which may or may not be due to my thyroid problem. What the hell is happening to me. I shouldn't whine because it isn't that bad. I take an inhaler before I excerise, take antibotics before I go to the dentist and I have no idea about the thyroid thing. I go to an endocrine doctor to figure this out. For some reason they said I had hypothyroid, but that can't be right because I have lost weight? I did some reading and found out the hyperthyrodism can cause eye problems. Hmmmmm...hopefully they will find something out because I can't take much more of this itching, watery, bloated eye crap.

Today I took Maggie, one of my greyhounds into work with me. She is such a good girl. However one of the student workers pulled on her ears and made her cry. Other than that she had a great time. The Dean of the school gave her a big biscuit, she gots lots of pets and just hung out by my desk. Now she is passed out from all the excitement.

My friends brought their dogs over while their house was being shown. I will have to take a picture of 9 dogs in the house. Thank god they are all easy and very well behaved. In the beginning I was worried about her fox terrier Angus, but no more. He is a joy. A lot of fun and I can't believe I am saying this but making me want to have a small dog. Usually I am a large dog person, but Angus was a hoot and it was nice to have a small dog cuddle on your lap. Something to think about.

It is almost bedtime. Night all.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Man I am tired. And now I know why!! For the longest time I thought it was just normal for me to be so bone tired to the point where I have to lay down for about 15-20 minutes. This happens a lot when I get home from work. I will go upstairs before dinner and take a power nap. Well I just found out from the doctors office that I have hypothyroidism and one of the symptoms is fatigue. In a few weeks I have an apointment with another doc to figure out what to do next. They also said my blood count was low and want me to come back in a month to test it again. I feel like I am falling apart!! Between my eyes, my asthma, and my thyroid. It sucks getting older.

This weekend went by so fast. Saturday was an hour run. It was brutal, but Trac and I ran for the entire hour. Then I went home for a nap. Bill and I went to church and got our favorite pizza from Twin Trees. It was so damn good!!! Gail dropped Belle off around 7. She is such a cutie pootie. And very curious! Into everything, but she has settled in and is doing great. Belle smiles too!!! OMG it is adorable to see this petite black greyhound smiling and wagging her tail.

Sunday was a brutal cycle class. The instructer was the devil himself I swear. No he is a good guy but tough. Of course I forget to take my inhaler and by the middle of the class a red hot poker was being thrust in my chest. Afterwards we ran for 20 minutes, and that felt surprisingly good. So bizarre.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I am such a slacker! Say it with me..S L A C K E R. Looking at my training schedule I haven't done dick of what I am supposed to do this week?! What happened I have no idea. Life sort of got in the way. But no more!!! Starting today I will do everything on the training schedule. It just pisses me off because I started out great and now I am slacking. No more!! Damn.

This weekend is supposed to be shitty weather. I will have the fight the tempation to stay in bed or take long naps. There is nothing better than taking a nap on a rainy Saturday. Ahhhhhhhh

Today I am going to approach my husband out getting some money out of our home equity to get work done around the house. This will not go well.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let me share some gross and annoying stories.

First the gross. I went to the gym to swim. After I showered, I get dressed and realized I have to pee. Now the bathroom in the women's locker room is disgusting on a good day, but this, this went beyond disgusting to vomit worthy. I go in the stall to pee and when I turned around to flush (with my foot of course) what do I see? A fucking banana peel!!!! What the hell? I must of stood there for 5 minutes muttering to myself..what the fuck because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Now I have seen tampons and toliet paper because people go to hike them in and miss. However, who the hell goes in to a PUBLIC toliet, sits, takes a crap while eating a banana. And when you go to wipe, lay it on the back of the john. How hard it is to put it in the trash?! Or better yet...not eat it while fecal matter is floating around and landing on the banana.

Now the annoying. This morning we had our own Soup Nazi scene going on here at work. The woman that works the snack bar is so manic. One minute she is nice as pie, the next she practically is coming after you with a butch knife. More often than not, it is the latter.

The most popular snack is the breakfast sandwich. An english muffin with egg, cheese and bacon, ham or sausage. Every morning they sell out of them. Since this manic snack lady scares the crap out of everyone, we try to get there early so she doesn't have to make a breakfast sandwich. When you walk in you notice the line of terrified patrons, looking like scared rabbits waiting for the hounds. Well. Today at 9:30 they were out. I made the mistake of asking for one to be made. Lets just say this is my last breakfast sandwich.