Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No Bento!

Tomorrow our office is giving the student workers a pizza party to celebrate the end of the semester and to thank them for their hard work. Since we are having pizza there is no need to bring lunch. However, I do have pictures of dinner tonight. The pictures are not good and the food doesn't look the greatest, but let me tell you. It tasted fantastic!!

This is a recipe I got out of Sarah's cookbook - La Dolce Vegan (pg. 166) - Emily's "Meat" loaf. I used Smart Ground as my choice of faux meat product. It turned out sooooo good. I can hardly wait to have it as a sandwhich!!!!

I messed up trying to get my slices to come out as slices - I was little to eager to eat and butchered it so it ended up in a big pile. As a side I had some vegan mashed red potatoes and a small side salad.


Jen said...

What is the green salad thingy on the side? Is that asparagus?


Bridget said...

Raw green beans and sprouts. LOL!