Monday, December 11, 2006

A first!

The fishes were very popular today! Several people were peering at my lunch and I had to make the threat that if anyone touches the cupcake they would lose a finger. So tomorrow I am taking my original Bento to work with me. Give the fishes a break for a day.

I am taking some leftover spicy chipole soup Trac made on Sunday. Thanks Trac! Doesn't it look delicious. Trac is a fantastic cook. Since the soup is spicy I thought a cool avocado & corn salad would be nice and to top it all off with a vegan Waldorf salad - for a snack I am finishing up the pomegranate seeds. Damn those little suckers are good! So good in fact that I let one of the student worker's in my office try some. He loved them, and if one accidently fell on the floor he still ate it!

I had a first today. What was it you ask? I made up a recipe for tofu fingers and they turned out pretty darn good. The thought came to me when I was thinking of a fried chicken recipe my mom gave me this past summer. You take some Bisquick mix, add paprika until it turns a light pink, garlic powder and ground pepper. I coated my tofu fingers in the mixture and fried them in some oil. They still could of used a little more punch in the spice department, but overall they were very good. Then I had some bbq sauce for dipping.

There you have it folks! A 5 crazy greys original vegan recipe. The pisser. I didn't take freakin' pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face.


Jen said...

You are so creative! Would you like to come cook for me?


trac said...

The soup is Chipolte Corn Chowder with Black Beans from VwaV. I didn't have black beans so I subbed pinto beans. How can two chipoltes be so spicy? Two jalapenos aren't!